Oticon Intiga Programming Top Shell

Does anyone know how I can get one? Is that order able?

Hook a fellow member up please!!!

Thanks so much…


what is a Programming Top Shell
are you looking for programming software ? Like Genie ?


No, im looking for the programming TOP SHELL…

Its required to program the Intiga withe the #3 cables…(seen on page 2)


Cables here



Hi John,

The programming top shells should have come with the hearing aids… but if not, Oticon would need to be contacted to order them.

I dont have a way to contact Oticon… I was hoping someone here was a AUD, and might have an extra one OR could order one for me…


where are you located?

Jacksonville, Florida

Perhaps locate someone who is an Oticon dealer in your area… you may find one that would supply you with what you need.

Hi, are you find the Intiga Programming Top Shell for intiga?. If yes, where?.

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