Oticon IIC or Oticon OPN S1 minirite

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Well… i have a problem. I have a lost in both hear, so, i need hearing aids. I was studying and checking all options. I’m 29 years old. My first option has been Oticon IIC because they are invisible but after 3 weeks with them, i’m not confortable at all because conversations are robotic and don’t understand very well. My experience is not good at all, i don’t feel them like wow. Obviously, i hear better but not more clear, specially conversations with people and noise.

I have tinnitus in my left ear and that could be another problem.

I don’t know what to do because i have 1 more week to decide if keep this or choose Oticon OPN S1 minirite. I don’t like them at all because these are not invisible like IIC.

What should i do? Anyone can help me?

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If you would post your audiogram it would help us help you. I have both the OPN1 ITE and OPNS1 MiniRite rechargeable hearing aids. I have mild to severe hearing loss and I wear need custom ear molds.
Also you just may need to go to your Audi with notes in hand of the issues you are having. It really does take time to get use to wearing hearing aids, your brain will need to adjust to new and louder sounds. Also your aids may not be adjusted to your full prescription needs so you can understand speech correctly due to you needing time to adjust to hearing aids.
We really do need to see the audiogram to really help you.


Welcome! I’m assuming these are your first hearing aids? Adjusting to hearing aids is hard for everybody. As far as advice: How much confidence do you have in your hearing aid professional?
If a fair amount, I’d encourage sticking with these (if that’s what they advise). Although you have to make a decision, you should still have at least 30-45 days to decide whether to return. If you’re not confident in hearing aid professional, find somebody else. If money is an issue, I’d highly encourage Costco if they’re an option. They offer great value and you have 6 months to be able to return for a full refund. I’d encourage you not to worry about “invisibility.” Nobody will notice them. They will notice much more if you’re asking them to repeat themselves.


I have both the Oticon iic opn1 and the opn s1 and have been using them interchangeably for months. I have written a few posts in this forum comparing the two and you should be able to search for these posts.
I program my aids myself with guidance from my audi and have tried a myriad of options, fitting rationales etc. I have saved my REM results in genie. Using that as a baseline I have done experiments for months to find what works optimally for me. After making significant adjustments, it usually takes 3-5 days to adapt and decide if it’s for the better or not (unless when something is way off, then you’ll know very quickly- matter of hours)
Bottom line for me is:
IIc: nal/nl1 + boost soft sounds in the 500-1000 range. Max noise cancellation and medium transition assistance. I had similar experience as you with Vac+ on the IICs.
Opn s1: vac+ and fine tuning with speech in noise in a sound booth at the audi as the baseline.

In quiet surroundings the two are similar with a slight advantage to the opn s1 in understanding soft spoken speech. In noisy surroundings, the RIC are noticeably better.

I’m in my forties (and bald) and people definitely notice the RICs. I’m getting used to it though.

As already mentioned, posting your audiogram will enable people here to give you better advice.

P.S one thing that has become very clear to me, is that HA fitting suffers from a local maxima. You think you’re at the very best, but then after further tuning you realize that there is a better fitting improving speech understanding.


Thank you! Well… i have my 2 ears bad. 42% and 44% of lost. Nothing good.

Do you recommend IIC? I feel they are not good at all… i don’t know. They cost over 5,000 usd.

@MDB My first hearing aids, correct! My confidence with my hearing aid professional is 50%.

I guess it has to do with your hearing loss and likes I personally love have the capacity to hear all around me. I am hiker and love nature and my safety depends on me hearing everything around me. I have worn Oticon now over 10 years and love the sound.

what brand do you wear hearing aids?

Uf, that’s low. Look for another one. You will get best results with the one with whom you can rely on and work with. So, go there and ask them hard questions. Also what exactly they use to fit you - which prescription formulas and how they verify that.

If they say real ear measurement is old and obsolete, or that manufacturer proprietary formula is the best, if they do fitting by ‘how do you hear me know’ endless process, if they don’t use paper or paper tissue or similar sounds to check, or that they’re doing you a favour by adjusting anything at all, if they don’t take you seriously and their adjustments as result of your problems never think of changing the hardware (dome type, power etc) - run away.

Oh, and you definitely want them to do tests on you, especially word recognition score in quiet and in noise and to redo that after some big adjustments in order to see how well are you really doing.

I think that one is single most important.
REM based fitting ensures that the process is enormously faster (from several months of weekly appointments to just a few appointments), but if you don’t know your unaided score, then your best score with headphones and increased volume, then you have no clue if HAs are helping you, if there’s any chance for improvement (plus if headphone measurement gives you just 60% that helps to set realistic expectations about what HAs can do - usually around that as well).

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What do you think in my special case? I mean, i don’t know if Starkey IIC is better than Oticon or what to do exactly…

The questions you are asking could be answered better if you could show us your audiogram. The 40 and 42 percent really don’t help us.



Hi, here’s my audiogram:



Thanks for sharing your audiogram.

It appears you have waited a long time to get your first hearing aids. Have you had a tuff time understanding speech for a long time?
If this is true it will take you a while to re learn all the sounds you haven’t heard for so long. This might be a few weeks or a few months but if you wear your aids every day it will happen sooner.

You are in a tuff position due to the short trial period. The only way around this is to return the aids before the end of the trial to try a different set of aids. You really need to acclimate to hearing aids before you can say which aids you like best. This just takes some time. You can always go back to any particular set of aids you like best. Hearing aids are expensive and very important for you to hear the best you can. Take your time before buying, don’t get pushed into a set of hearing aids.

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Well, to be honest, i didn’t hear anything like sounds of nature, car traffic, neighbors, external noises like breathing or the computer and obviously in restaurants and compromised situations it was very difficult to understand, although I never had much trouble in daily life.

To be honest, i don’t know what to do. If keep IIC or go to s1 minirite… that’s my main dude.

Thank you

I can only tell you that the technology in the OPNS1 is a step up from the technology in the IIC. Seeing the IIC is OPN which is technology that was released I believe back in 2107 even though the ITE/IIC aids did not come out until November 2018.
I really do not know what you should do, you have to make that decision.
I can also tell you this I have OPN1 ITE half shell aids, and now also OPNS1-Minirite-r and I can tell a world if difference in one area and that is my speech understanding. But I cannot tell any difference in the over all sound quality they sound the same, the difference I hear is I believe mostly due to the power of the receivers. My OPN1 ITE aids just do not have the needed power for me to understand speech. I have a lot of feedback with the OPN1 aids and none with the OPNS1 aids.

This alone is pretty good reason to go with the OPNS1 aids. Better feedback controls.
Oticon, Resound, Phonak, Widex, Starkey, Siemens and Rexton are all good aids. The right fitter is the biggest difference.
Bluetooth compatibility is another thing to consider with hearing aids. iPhones are easier to match up to aids but there are now aids that match up to android phones too.
Looking at your audiogram you have to make up your mind that you will probably have hearing loss for the rest of your life.
All the sounds you mentioned not hearing, properly tuned aids will help you hear all those things. That can be overwhelming at first.

You also need to be happy with your fitter. That’s very important.

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Hello Kim, i would like to know which setup you recommend me for IIC, i could tell it to my audiologist and test it. Thank you.

I don’t think I can recommend anything specific for you. I have a experience with exactly one HA wearer, me. A lot of people in this forum is giving you great advice on the process of choosing HAs and how different each person is with regards to HAs.
I tried a different brand IIC prior to Oticon and they were not good for me.
The audi is critical in making any HA work for you. Go to one that can provide you with a good result during the trial period. You might require more adjustments after that, but there has to be progress in the right direction during the trial.
I would not spend thousands of dollars on a product I don’t think assists me in the way I need. My guess is that your current audi will welcome you back if you after trying other options decide to return. My first audi, at a clinic that only has a single brand, encouraged me to do some shopping around and try different brands.
Good luck!

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Yes each of us are different and have different needs when it comes to our hearing loss. There are a number of huge things that have to happen. First is you have to make up your mind to wear the hearing aids, second you have to find a Audi that will listen to you and give you the needed time to get the aids the way you need them. Third you have to accept the fact that hearing aids are only that an aid they are never going to be a fix for your hearing loss. Fourth you will have to be willing to accept the fact that what you want in hearing aids just may not be what you need. Lastly and this is extremely important you have to put yourself in a positive frame of mind, and will yourself to learn about hearing aids and hearing loss. Then accept your hearing loss.
I have been through all of these phases of hearing loss and dealing with different hearing aids and a number of different Audiologists.

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Hello everyone, it’s been 30 days tomorrow since I started with my first OTICON IIC hearing aid. I have had about 10 configuration changes and am still not sure if it is correct. Tomorrow my trial period ends, in general I am happy with them, I think they work well for me, but I have doubts. For about 10 days I have been noticing a kind of plug in my right ear and I have to open my ears constantly, I do not know if it is the fault of my ear or the earphone. Any help regarding this?

Thank you

It’s possible that the vent is starting to get plugged up. Have you tried to make sure that the vent is fully open by cleaning it out?