Oticon IIC opn 2


I have purchased these and have been wearing for about 3 weeks. Two visits to the audiologist. Last was REMs and some adjustments for occlusion and bump up in volume. Since I have been struggling a bit. The left device sounds different after a few minutes when first started. I feel I am also struggling in noisy situations like crowded bar. I can at least hear the conversation at the table now but soft voice not so well. Background noise seems louder than voices.
I will go to the audiologist once more for fine tune but I am also seriously considering spending the extra for the opn1. I work in a open office with a lot of voices and go out quite a bit.
Will I notice the difference between opn2 and switching to opn 1?



IIC aids only have one mic in each aid so far the most part you are not going to get a whole lot of noise reduction. IIC and CIC aids was explained to me as devices that amplified what you normally hear and your brain had to sort out the noise that was not important