Oticon hearing aids and iPhone Xr Max


I traded in my iPhone 7s for a new iPhone Xr Max. I have Oticon hearing aids that I received thru the VA.

On my iPhone 7s I could hear and speak thru the Hearing Aids as they are Bluetooth. On my iPhone Xr I can hear the phone ring in my ears but when I go to talk the person on the other end can’t hear me nor can I hear them. Nnow I have to use the speaker on the phone when I want to talk.

I have downloaded the App so that seems to be no problem. I went to the VA but they can’t seem to help. Does anyone here have an answer for me.



What hearing aids do you have? When you say Oticon HAs, that could be anything.



You say that you had that functionality before. That suggests that they are capable of working in that way.

I expect that either in the app or in the phone audio settings, possibly in accessibility, there is the option to choose which mic/audio source is used and which speaker/headset/HAs are used.

I haven’t currently got an iPhone or Bluetooth capable HAs so I can’t be more specific.

I would suggest visiting an Apple Store for help if you are truly stuck. I’m sure someone would be able to point you to the right setting.



I also recently upgraded to iPhone Xr. My settings mostly transferred from the cloud - thank goodness since my old phone was damaged.
You need to reset your settings.
Make sure you have BT connected.
Click on Settings - General - Accessibility-scroll to MFi Hearing Devices
there you will find the what you want to set. Make sure it says you are connected to your Hearing Aids.
Click on Audio Routing
Call Audio - click Automatic - I check Automatic.
Same for Media Audio.
I have read and found I needed to do a hard reset after I set up my phone that was acting funny.

I encourage you to explore the settings avail on the iPhone, including putting the accessible hearing in the control center - you swipe down top right for quick access to the ‘Ear’ for easy changes in volume and programs.



I wear Oticon Oon miniRITEs. I am able to easily use my employer-supplied iPhone XR with my hearing aids. Every morning it is a bit of a dance to reconnect since I have another iPhone X as my personal, primary phone. However, after reconnecting in the morning, my Oticons work flawlessly with my iPhone XR.

Don’t forget that you have to pair your hearing aids with the phone and then use the Oticon ON app to finish the connection. At least, I need to use that app to ensure full functionality between my Oticons and my phones.



I really don’t think you need to use the ON app to finish the connection at all. From what I can tell, the connection is already established once you have paired the OPN with your iPhone. I never bother using the ON app and I’m always able to connect my OPN with my iPhone 7 plus once I turn on the OPN. Pairing is only done once the first time around. Even then, I never touched the ON app and the connection still works just fine for me.

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I agree. I have deleted OPN App from my phone. Useless App except to ID serial # and Firmware version in my opinion.

OPN’s can be paired to more than one iPhone or MFi at a time. Once pairing is completed initially, turning on and off Bluetooth on the iPhone you want to use will establish the connection to steam easily.
Steven - do you share your work Xr with others? If that is the case, I think maybe I would unpair each day.



@Volusiano - {shrug} - I needed to use the ON app to finish the connection every morning when I was attempting to use InnoCaption on my XR. I had to stop that because of the audio lag that induced. YMMV

@Mago - My Oticons would not unpair, but would take a while to reconnect to the XR. I do not share it with anyone.



Thanks for the help. What I did was to click the "Forget this device, then re-pair my Hearing Aids again and it worked



I am in the middle of the same issue except on a iPhone 6s running iOS 12.2. What is strange is that if I pair my HAs with my wife’s iPhone SE running iOS 12.1 everything works fine.