Oticon Genie2 Spreadsheet

I have created a spreadsheet Oticon Genie2 Settings to record Genie2 settings for OPN and, perhaps, other Oticon models. I know Genie2 has its report printing feature, but gathering all those pages together for comparisons is cumbersome and does not present old and new data side by side. There’s is a readme file in the .zip that explains more. I hope some other DIY users find this helpful.

Mr. Bailey just kindly informed me that Excel sheets can now be uploaded.

So, since this is a better location for the spreadsheet, I’ll try to upload it now. Oops. Didn’t work because I zipped it. (Maybe ,zips should be authorized, too.) However, here is the actual spreadsheet: Oticon Genie2 Settings.xlsx (115.9 KB),

and here is the readme file: Oops, that didn’t work because it is a .txt file. So here is it, finally, uploaded as a .pdf.: Oticon Genie2 Settings ReadMe.pdf (26.8 KB)

I hope some other Oticon DIY’ers will find this helpful.

Thank you for sharing. Hope to repurpose this template for my own in the next few weeks