Oticon Genie - Fitting process and beeps

Hi All,

I’ve got my new Oticon More 1 and just getting up to speed - many thanks to this forum on the Genie fitting process.

One question I haven’t been able to answer is how to reduce the jingle volume when booting up or more annoyingly is how to adjust the volume of the beeps that occur when changing the program selection is made and also only one sided (RHS) for me.

Is there a way to reduce the volume of the boot up jingle and the program changes - and maybe change if it happens on both aids as well ?

I know you can in resound software on the Costco KS9 (aka Phonak Audeo Marvel)




HMm; I don’t know of a way to adjust the volume of the startup jingle? I usually just avoid putting them in my ears for a few seconds.

ah - ok

what about the volume of program changes ?


Look at the END FITTING step, Buttons and Indicators, BEEPS;


Hello, I’m new and I’m not sure I’m in the right place to ask my question. I have OPN 1 that I programmed myself with genie 2 to limit the costs, unfortunately following a pc problem I lost everything, after several searches I see that there are no more links, but its me to give the opportunity to discover your forum. The question is where can I get a link for Geni 2 download. You are my last hope, thanks in advance.

Excuse my English, I use Google translator

Welcome to the forum,Sure no problem, hopefully you’ll get up and running in no time.