Oticon Epoq, Unitron Indigo or Widex Inteo?

Hope I’m doing this correctly as I’m new to the group!

General old age hearing loss lead to Widex in canal several years ago. Over the past year I’ve found I’m missing more and more. So I’ve decided to give up the ‘in canal, baby boomer … I don’t want anyone to know I’m deaf’ ones and get bte.

Went to a university hearing center and they suggested the three above. I’ve tried to research them on the internet but haven’t come up with anything definative.

I work with the public and am out a lot, so I’m looking for a lot of flexibility and personal control.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


widex inteo is an instrument that while it has some interesting features such as the AE program, my casual interaction is that most people reject it becuase it sounds to strange… It is true that speech discrimination does improve, but frequency transposition is not a novel thing, it was done a while a go… I would try Akia… I had heard good things about this…

Regarding Epoq, is it oticon top of the line aid, it features wireless conectivity @ broad band speech, my experience has been good, most people instanly accept the sound… While only 25% of my clients by the streamer, being able to talk hands free and listen to the phone both ears is simply cool. One draw back, is that I wish Oticon had speed dial for the streamers, like you could say call home and it would dial directly… I would see this as something coming in the future…

I would suggest also to consider Phonak over Unitron (own both by sonova).
But While I do not fit Phonak, I must say with no reservation that they have very good products out there… I like the Verve and Savia Art, While they are a bit behind some of the technology, others they have been able to outperform the market. For example the audeo, to my believe has come a little late in the market (almost perhaps 2 yrs behind oticon product- delta).
their Fm tecnology (phonak) i think is about the best out there. I also happen to like their remote control which I think they have been able to disguise it well. The savia has some interesting features, that i like such as datalearning (which most high end have), An alternative intrument could be the audeo -
which i believe is superior to the delta as it have T coil and auto tele if im not mistaken…

A final option worth considering is Siemens, which we as dispenser should give credit, they came out with the wireless tech… a couple of year back.
The centra is a good option… with all the bells and whistles…

While I have my favorites, there are excelent choices out there, and I would much encourage you to follow what your audi is confortable fitting…

most if not all of this aids can provide a very good fitting for you…

When you buy instrument that are premium price there are some notable differences among the companies out there. However, it is important to point out that the lines are begging to blurr when it come to mid price or entry level aids… Most aids have identical or near identical specs

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Have you checked out a Unitron Moxi RIC?

dear JgearyAud

would you prefer an audeo vs a moxi. Given similar prices wouldnt you
recomend Phonak.

While I dont dispense phonak, I had seen the material they use and is as good as it gets. I happend to like their fitting software…

For me, if the price are somewhat similar i would recomend Phonak

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by the way, how good is the control switch of the moxi (on board right?)?
i would tend to think that an audeo with a remote control could do a better job

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I actually do not like the audeo - the more experience I have with it, the less I like it. The overall sound quality is disturbing for the price tag. The patients that I have fit with the Moxi are extremely satisfied - whereas the patients that were fit with the audeo continue to complain of harshness and tinny noise, even though i continue to turn down the high frequencies. The other thing that I dont like is that you cannot get as much amplification as they advertise. Moxi is cheaper and better in my opinon.

Have you worked extensively with the Audeo? What are your thoughts?

Not really, it is surprisingly since the audeo and the moxi are basically the same instrument. I thought so…

I have work a lot with deltas and epoqs… for the price I like the delta 4000
the only 2 objections I got is 1) no tcoil 2) batery is to small


I have been trying aids for some time now and having weekly visits with the audiologist for changes, etc. I started with the tego pro in canal and did not like that so awitched to the Delta 400. After many changes, it seems to be ok except for loud background sound.

Now trying the Epoq and while i really like the colume and program control availability, the Delta is a little more comfortable to wear due to smaller size. I am now alternating and have about a week to decide which to go with.

Anyone have any comments or suggestions about these two aids?


Not wanting to go brand by brand perhaps your better choice might be ITE rather than BTE…ITE’s are more powerful than CITC’s.
I like the idea of non-interference with glasses, and BTE’s are tough to wear with glasses.
Do they still MAKE those antique build-ins to glass frames, or has the price of hearing aids so soared beyond the stratosphere that tying them to a particular vision Rx is price prohibitive…and who hasn’t sat on a pair of glasses?

they are really different monsters, Epoq is a based on the rise arquitecture wich is the new chipset which allows wireless conectivities betweent the aids.
If the price is smilar I would go for the Epoq XW, which has My voice and Binaural feedback canceler…

I have set up a client, with a epoq and a streamer and we have set up
the PC, the Ipod, The cell phone and their land line all via bluetooth…
it is real cool…


One of the nice features of the Epoq (and for that matter most instruments that are similar) is that there are 2 components the receiver and the ampli+microfone. So when it breaks donw you switch for a new one in the spot, so the service time is almost 0.
I know this is how is done internationally @ least with a couple of brands


JgearyAud You mentioned the customers are satisfied with moxi. I wanna know the drawback of this model. What are the cons of Unitron moxi? What are the things they complain moxi? I found out the new model Yuu moxi. What do you think of it? Have you had any successful case? I read the stories here the major thing ppl complained about Unitron seems like the technical reason after a short period time of use. What about your experience? I’m in the trial period of Siemens Centra Active. I’m very happy with the sound quality except the unwise phone mode with no T-coil. I wonder if I should give a shot to Unitron? I tried MicroPower and got terrible experience. Therefore I don’t wanna go thru the same thing again. Your opinion is greatly appreciated.

Xbulder, if you have any experience about it, pls advise. I wanted to try Epoq but my Audi said it is not powerful enough for me. I saw the coverage between Siemens Centra Active and Epoq XW with thin tube, they are pretty much the same. My Siemens now is about 30 gain. I wonder if I can fit into Epoq XW open fit?

The epoq bte fits only up to 80dbhl unfortunately there is not a power option.
I have fitted epoq XW as well as Epoq W with no noticeble diference
and yes there is at least a 20% price different…

I suspect they will come with a power version soon…

By the way the YUU seems like a great instrument.
What I like, life learning and Data logging, while it is not
wireless it should be similar to their Phonak Equal…

I have been fitting Azure with sucess its an instrument worth
considering… Although Im not completely in love with their
fitting software

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Xudler, You said Yuu is not wireless, how will it affect the hearing experience?
Will it mean the left and right hearing aids won’t balance by talking to each other? Do any of your customers who tried moxi Indigo/Yuu feel the voice/sound natural?


About 6 months ago maybe longer I went for a hearing test and wound up getting a pair of ITC aids from Oticon called the Tego Pro. I did not like the ITC type due to the closed feeling and the high level of background noise, footsteps, chewing etc.

My Audi switched me to the Delta (she is very partial to Oticon, but doesn’t really kw the products). The Delta improved things but after many attempts still were producing loud background noise and I was going to the office twice a week.

Now I have the Epoq and while improvement has happened it is mainly due to the volume control and program control that I can set. I wind up setting the volume very low to reduce the background noise.

I have by the way a pretty flat loss over the range, and not the typical high frequency loss. My lows are affected also.

These problems coupled with the fact the Oticon in my opinion is the worst company manufacturing any product has led me to the point where I am taking them back and seeking a refund (which was promised at the beginning).

Oticon has a European superior attitude and my Audi has many times called them and each time spoken to a different Audi there and gotten different advice, very different advice. Really screwed thing up. When receiving things from Oticon every time things were wrong, like wrong manuals, parts missing, wrong wax guards, no wax guards, etc.

At a seminar they told my Audi that I should not need volume control or program control and the aids should take care of everyting. I explained that without the volume control I would have returned the aids long ago.

Is my experience normal or strange.? Any suggestions or coments would be greatly appreciated.

I am going to try to return and put the money, $6,000, aside and start ovr after doing more research on Audiologists. I believe that between Oticon’s very low customer support and the lack of experience of my audi I have had a terrible experience and should start over.

Meanwhile TV ears have solved my major problem at home (almost).

Help!! How do I find a capable person to work with?

Dear Sir:

the Yuu is a fairly new instrument, it was introduce at the EUHA last year…

You got to understant how the industry works…

Sonova currently owns 2 brands Phonak and Unitron.–

Phonak is the leading brand- meaning you get the best products out there and once the product is say in their middle of their life cicle, the tecnology is transfer to the other brand…

Let me explain, the YUU is an instrument quite similar to the Phonak Savia Art… Savia was previously the premium phonak instrument… As phonak is prepare to enter the Wireless instrument they are transfering the Savia tecnology into a cheaper brand Unitron…

Now the Yuu and the Savia art are quite similar, but the Yuu should be
significantly cheaper than the Savia art…

Other examples are Oticon and Bernafon… the delta and the Brite…

Another example is Siemens and rexton… You get the picture

Back to the Yuu, from the Presentation I saw, looks like an interesting
instrument- however it seem to me like there is a long learning curve
in how to effectively program the instrument…

Regarding wireless, Yuu is not wireless and it does not coordinate R-L instrument. The only 2 comercial instrument out there is Siemens/ rexton and Oticon, phonak . (i believe hansaton to)…

it seems wireless will be the next big thing…

what is really left is to see is when would the mid price wireless will emerge…

My prediction is that Oticon will introduce a mid price wireless @ the AAA
in 3 months time…

I am new here, just starting to investigate hearing aids. What are the issues with glasses and BTE’s? Can they be overcome, and how?

I wear glasses for distance viosion, so this is while driving, at the movies, stuff like that. What will a BTE mean for me?

Graham D

glasses should not be an issue, in deciding which style of aids

Hi Graham Daniell

I wear both glasses and BTE hearing aids. I was concerned about wearing glasses, as well, but it’s just not a problem. The bows (arms) of the glasses sit against my head, and the hearing aid sits just outside the arms. It’s quite comfortable. When I put the glasses on, I’m just careful to keep the bows against my head while I slide them on. No problem. Most of the time I can’t even feel they are there. I really like the comfort of open fit hearing aids, even with glasses. Whoever you decide to get your hearing aids from should have a dummy BTE instrument you can try with your glasses. They may even have a real instrument you can try out. I think you’ll be surprised just how comfortable it will be. Good luck.


you should also discuss the benefits - limitations of what you are getting with your audi… For example, an instrument like a Bte you can get a Tcoil in order to use the phone. Which might not be available in a CIC style, so as a consumer you want to know what you are giving up but by getting a smaller