Oticon Epoq Problems

Bought new Epoqs in Oct. Within two weeks the left one started having problems and was replaced.

Then the right one started re-booting and re-booting and re-booting. Take the battery out and reinstall and it would be OK for a while. Then it would just go quiet to about 1/4 volume. Open and close to re-boot and it would be OK for a while. It was replaced.

Last Saturday I got up and the right one would not boot (no chimes), absolutely dead. Called the audiologist and take it in this coming Wed (day after Christmas).

This last Wed the left one started the going quiet routine like the right one did. So it is going back also.

If they can’t make them work this time, they are going back permanently!

The blue tooth was sold to me as being able to connect up to multiple devices. I use multiple cell phones and was assured that it would work. I have been unsuccessful to use it with two cell phones. One or the other but not both will activate the aids on ring.

Any one have similar experiences or and solutions (other than batteries which I have been though a bunch!)… Thanks… nrk

Are you using a Rite aid? maybe the receiver is blocked,
I had never been aware that you could pair 2 phones at the same time…
I have pair a cellphone and ipod and a PC… to my knowledge the phone has top priority so if you are using the Ipod, then the phone will ring…
How would exactly work if you have 2 phones and u are using one and the other rings… perhaps you should call oticon directly and ask if you can have 2 phones at the same time

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No, behind the ear.

The handling of multiple devices is just a software issue. When using one phone and the other rings, it should be ignored. In business I and most of my colleagues have two cell phones, one for business and one for personal use. I have a friend who has a third for a charity he works for.

Thanks for the reply… nrk

To clarify xbulder’s post “Rite” is Receiver in the ear. Rite aids are behind the ear aids.

Receiver in the ear is a deceptive description. What it really means is that the speaker is in the ear at the end of a tube, while the microphone(s) are on the body of the aid, behind the ear.

the rite thing is a Oticon specific, just like reciver in the canal, etc

as an industry we need to come with an uniform term…

again, have you contacted Oticon INC to see if this is posible…

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out of curiosity is it posible to have 2 sim cards in 1 cell phones
or 2 lines in a single cell phone,

carring more than one phone does not seem efficient

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You would be surprised at how many folks carry two or more phone, Especially in business, one for business, and one for the family.

One problem is all phones are not SIM driven only those on the GSM network. However here are a couple that are currently being manufactured… nrk


im surprise there is not a company which manufactures a device who could
allow you to avoid using all those cellphones.
I just dont imagine charging, 3 cellpones and what not

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nrkmann I am interested in the problem you were having with the rebooting. I got epoq’s last Thursday. The right one worked for about two hours then started doing the same thing you described. They overnighted a new one and I got it Friday at lunch. Today the left one went out but has been doing OK since replacing the battery. It had only been in a couple of days. In any case I am on a trial period and if the epoqs have a major problem with rebooting I want to know it now. Are the ones you have now working properly? Other than the cutting off unexpectidly I am very happy with the aids so far. They are my first though and I didn’t know what to expect.

by the way, like most manufacturers (for example Stakey do have)
Oticon has something call remote assitance where someone can
take control of your audi PC and program the Instrument…

this is the link

Epoq have had problems with one of the battery manufactures, they’ve changed the size of the battery a little. This causing the battery to loose contact and then the aid reboot because it thinks the HA has been turned off and switched on again. I think this has only been a problem with the Epoq BTE and Epoq Rite BTE, not the ITE’s. This problem should be fixed now with the new Epoqs being produced. The only solution is to try other batteries or switch the aid. Contact Oticon about this or your audiologist. The problem in the first post sounds like it is because of this but I can’t promise. Hope it works out!

You can connect more than one mobile phone to the Streamer but you can only use on at a time. For example you can connect your private phone that you can use at home and your work mobile that you use at work but you cannot use them both at the same time at home or at work.


About 6 months ago maybe longer I went for a hearing test and wound up getting a pair of ITC aids from Oticon called the Tego Pro. I did not like the ITC type due to the closed feeling and the high level of background noise, footsteps, chewing etc.

My Audi switched me to the Delta (she is very partial to Oticon, but doesn’t really kw the products). The Delta improved things but after many attempts still were producing loud background noise and I was going to the office twice a week.

Now I have the Epoq and while improvement has happened it is mainly due to the volume control and program control that I can set. I wind up setting the volume very low to reduce the background noise.

I have by the way a pretty flat loss over the range, and not the typical high frequency loss. My lows are affected also.

These problems coupled with the fact the Oticon in my opinion is the worst company manufacturing any product has led me to the point where I am taking them back and seeking a refund (which was promised at the beginning).

Oticon has a European superior attitude and my Audi has many times called them and each time spoken to a different Audi there and gotten different advice, very different advice. Really screwed thing up. When receiving things from Oticon every time things were wrong, like wrong manuals, parts missing, wrong wax guards, no wax guards, etc.

At a seminar they told my Audi that I should not need volume control or program control and the aids should take care of everyting. I explained that without the volume control I would have returned the aids long ago.

Is my experience normal or strange.? Any suggestions or coments would be greatly appreciated.

I am going to try to return and put the money, $6,000, aside and start ovr after doing more research on Audiologists. I believe that between Oticon’s very low customer support and the lack of experience of my audi I have had a terrible experience and should start over.

Meanwhile TV ears have solved my major problem at home (almost).

Help!! How do I find a capable person to work with?

Part of the success in hearing aid fitting is working with fewer brands and knowing really the ins and outs of the fitting programs…

I would have to disagree as far as the remote control… It seems to me you sound like a new user… The fitting software has a adaptation manager where it sets the aid @ a very low level so you can get use to the aids…

As you know most high end instruments have something call, life learning where the instrument learns what are your preferences, and for example if you
pick a ite instrument, there is no way to control the remote control…

Oticon has a online support (a lot of other manufactures to) where a audiologist can asist your audi…

There are other great choices which I would strongly suggest,
Maybe you ought to try one of this the GN azure, the Phonak Exelia (when release), the siemens (centra) and the Unitron YUU

Not long ago, I saw a 1hr presentation of the YUU, it provides unique oportunity to tweak the instrument- it looks real nice, In fact it look
better than the Savia Art, I have never seen something like this from

I would again seek help from someone who in fact, dispenses maybe 2-3 brands. This would allow a good knowedge about what is best for you…

The best audis, try to understand your needs, lifestile, money constrain, etc and find the product that best corrects for your problem…

Make sure to ask Real ear measurement

I appreciate you comments. I currently am using the BTE Epoq and while larger and more uncomfortable than my previous Delta 600 I guess I can get used to it.

Yes I am a new user. My Audi calls Oticon suppt and talks with their Audiologists all the time and gets different recommendations each time. Adaptation level 1 then 2 Various programs are recommended and such.

I have had three Oticon models now and have to say this is the worst company to do business with I have ever encountered in any field or related to any product.

It is the company that makes me want to give up.

there is no one right answer, the company audiologist have a hard time for the patient is not sitting in front of them and many times dispenser might not be relaying the right info to the audiologist. Even if they are, there is more than one way to slice an apple. Give us a chance, and on your end try to write down an issues you have and not change the story the time you get to the dispenser. I had a patient that once saw me in the street and complained and when he came in to the office it was a completely different complaint. Try your best, and give us a chance, Oticon has a great audiology staff
Good luck

did she ran REM on y?

I have had similar problems. I really like the epoq, but I have had them for a little over a year and they have broken three times already. It is very discouraging. If I had know this would be a problem I would have went with a different company

Hello everyone, thank you for the great forum. My first hearing aid was bought from Oticon eight years ago in South Africa . I forget what model they where….but they did not work very well so I stopped using them preferring to be without them. Below is a breakdown of my recent experiences with HA’s since I came to the UK where I now live.

Oticon Syncro ITC
Audi: Very experienced and been in the industry for many years.
Reliability: They broke down on a regular basis
Sound quality: very poor and had to go back to the audi many times, the deposable Songbird ones I used at one point where better.
Fit: They did not fit properly, they where sent back on two occasions to try and rectify this and returned with no improvement. The feedback was terrible.
Support from Oticon: Never got any response from them despite emailing them on two occasions.
Did they do what they say they can? : In my opinion NO
Phonak Eleva ITC
Audi: Very, very inexperienced. She had just started the job.
Reliability: Have never broken down in the two years I have had them
Sound quality: Not perfect, but I can now use my mobile phone and I can actually hear them adjusting to different environments.
Support from Phonak: I have no idea….I’ve never had to go back
Did they do what they say they can? : Not perfect but they are trying.

Regards F

Interesting conversation on stuff - I’ve had the Epoq’s for about 4 weeks having taken back my Exelia’s after ~8 weeks. Overall very pleased with the Epoq’s as they do give, for me, better speech discrimination…and I particularly like the Streamer over the iCom.

However…I’ve just realized that I’ve had 3-4 instances of the aids rebooting and was intrigued to see others having had the same problem. I’ll get back to my audi on this. I’m using the Gen-X batteries.

Also…I have to say that my experience with Oticon customer service sucks! I’ve had Oticon Syncro’s for 4 years and was very pleased with them - but during that time I emailed them 2-3 times about getting ‘waxguard’ replacement bits - only got one reply and it was negative, i.e. only a professional audiologist is able to do this!

Now with the Epoq’s I lost my shirt pocket clip for the Streamer and enquired how I can purchase replacements - no reply. Pity as their hearing aids are very good.

In comparison when I was trying out the Phonak Exelia’s I contacted thier customer service and got very good replies.

I did not have the re-boot problem on my initial pair of Epoqs but it happened on my 2nd pair. One was sent back & replaced but the 2nd one has done it once also. This sounds like an inherent design problem if it has been happening as frequently as this thread suggests. One would think Oticon would be aware of it, but it would also be good to know if this is a new issue and/or if it is related to one or more manufacturing lots and if they are working on a design fix. I would hate to have this start happening after my warranty expired!

Perhaps a new thread is in order to better asses how many of us have experienced the re-boot problem…

If we each were to list our country of origin (since mfg. lot may have something to do it), our hardware problems with Epoq (list model) AND not muddy up the thread with attitudes & private AuD issues, I’d volunteer to send the thread on to the International and the US contact addresses and invite them to post answers to the thread.

That way they have only one email to answer instead of multiple. If they cannot answer one person or one thread, that will say more about their attitude to the end user than anything else would.

Regarding Wax filters & replacement parts/accessories:
I am curious as to why you would not get replacement parts thru the person who sold you the HAs. My AuD will order them as part of the ongoing service to the client.

In general, I believe it is Oticon’s policy that purchases & repairs be made via the AuD that sold the product. If they tell you they cannot get something, then I would contact Oticon & complain. They will either get on the case of the Sales Rep or on Customer Service.

I’d also be interested to know what address or phone# everyone has been using for Oticon Customer Service.

I too sent an email inquiry to Oticon & did not recieve an answer but, on my 2nd attempt to contact them regarding product, I used a different address and further mentioned in my email that prior attemps at contact resulted in no replies. My 2nd attempt was to Dr. Douglas Beck and I recieved an immediate reply as well as 2 follow-on messages with the information requested.

The contact info for Oticon is:
In the USA
Oticon, Inc,
29 Schoolhouse Rd
Somerset, NJ 08873
Tel: 800-526-3921
Fax: 732-560-0029
dmb@oticonusa.com (Douglas L. Beck Au.D., Director of Professional Relations at Oticon Inc.)

Contact info for International is more generic:
Oticon A/S
Kongebakken 9
2765 Smørum
Tel.: +45 39 17 71 00
Fax: +45 39 27 79 00

E-mail: contact-us@oticon.dk

Your specific country may have its own contact. If you go to Oticon.com and choose your country, it will take you to the specific web site which may or may not have a more direct contact link (similar to the USA one).