Oticon Epoq/mac & iPhone/bluetooth

Two problems :
1-iPhone G3 : apairing with Epoq Streamer was OK ; phone calls by bluetooth too
However listening music from iPod section on iPhone works when wire connected, but not with bluetooth.
Do you have an idea why ?
2-iBook Apple with a Bluetooth key cannot found connection with Streamer Epoq
Same question


I think the problem lies with the iPhone.

iPhone, and all iPods as far as I know, do not have the A2DP Bluetooth profile required for streaming music to the Oticon Streamer.

The iPhone has Bluetooth 2.0 +EDM which handles the “handsfree” profile for phone calls and, I think, allows for data transfer between computers & the phone but does not support streaming music.

There are Stereo Bluetooth dongles available for the iPod & probably the iPhone. You plug them into the phone’s headset jack and pair the dongle with the Oticon Streamer to stream music.

I don’t know about the iBook, but the profile in use for streaming music may also be the issue here.

to make it work with the mac you need the lastest operating sistem
i think leopard, it works well…

but with i think the old one osx10 or something like that it doesnot work

One link about bluetooth dongles, etc…


None of the Apple products support bluetooth for ipods (including the iphone).

As you already know, the iphone does support bluetooth for phone calls.

jabra sell a dongle for the ipod…
it works well

sorry I dont know how to post a question so I am posting my question as a repply
I am about changing hearing aids and
i am interested in EPOQ from oticon
for those who tried epoq hearing aids what can u tell me about them
and about the bluetooth streamer
does work properly and a what range?
thank for your help

FYI, When you want to reasearch something on on this forum, you can just hit the Search button on the top Blue Line and enter a keyword like “Epoq”. Click this link to see what the results are.

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I have Epoq XWs and really like them. It has given me much improved speech clarity but like most aids, it struggles in noisy environments. While I like the Epoqs for my loss, I could not say if it is appropriate to your needs. That depends on your hearing impairment and daily environments and what you like sounds to hear like. There have been some technical issues with Epoqs requiring return and replacement or certain units that re-boot without warning.

I also have the Streamer & use it all day every day. Range on the Streamer is the same as most Bluetooth Headsets. Mine works best without cutting out at less than 10-15 feet from the device but I have gone to other rooms away from my mp3 player as far as 30 feet and not lost signal. It depends on the strength of the transmitting device & the walls and materials around you. Connection between the HAs & the streamer work best when using the neck cord. One reason I like the Streamer over the other available BT devices is that it is both a BT reciever & remote control in a single device and usually costs less than the competitors who sell them as 2 separate devices. My biggest complaint on the Streamer is the lack of Stereo.

If you search on “Streamer” you will also find alot of info and reviews on the Epoq/Streamer package. For now, here are a few links to existing Streamer & Epoq reviews in this forum.

Be aware, this info is subject to change since the threads are not always up to date. Example: In my initial review of the Epoq, there was a vanity box that came with the units and that is no longer supplied by Oticon.

Also, your location in terms of Country can also effect what models are available to you. Many things are released in Europe 6 months or more before they are available in the USA.

October is the month that Europe has it’s big Audiology convention and most of the HA manufacturers release new products at it. So now is a really good time to start your research.

Example: Oticon has announced plans to release a new HA family (most likely similar to Epoqs in function, but size & shape of the Delta) as well as a power version of the Epoqs.

I have it and it works very well, I have been using it since I got my Epoqs.

oticon has anounce the Dual - a mix between delta and Epoq
but they have said they will be launching 7 new products…
So i think they will launch 3 duals plus 3 epoq power vesrions
plus something else

I recently purchased the epoch V and am considering buying the streamer. Can anyone tell me if they help you hear better in a noisy environment with it or without it?

i would say, it will help with the datalearning- you can teach the instrument
your volume control preferences. In that regard, it will learn your VC preferences in noisy enviroments.