Oticon Epoq HA stopped working suddenly

Has anyone come accross this?

My left HA suddenly stopped working, specially when i was on vacation and was extremely disappointed as i had to manage with only one HA. I wanted to test them in many environments like car, party, around kids, etc.

I took it back to my audi, and she sent it back to replace the faulty one, she tried to see if its wax problem but it wasnt, nor it was the tube or dome problem.

I am now confused, after my 2 year warranty gets over, if this thing repeats, i have to pay lot of money again to buy them?

Please help explain!!!

You did not say how long you have had this unit.

While I had issues on 3 different ones I had been given, in each case it happened within 2 weeks of recieving them. It presented as a failure to “boot-up” or stay on. Repeating the start jingle over & over, then shutting down or spontaneously just shutting down. In each case, Oticon was very good about replacing the defective unit.

FYI, it’s been posted elswhere that some of the early Epoq production runs had issues that were related to the battery compartment.

You can ask your AuD to check w/ Oticon on recommendations for which battery brand to get. Other than that, I have not had any issues with the Epoqs

When we were having these issues, my AuD checked with Oticon about it and they were recommending a specific battery to be used. When my AuD started giving me those batteries, the problem never recurred. Unfortunately, I can’t say off-hand which battery brand it is. My AuD provides them in packs that are private labled.

the good thing about the epoqs is that mostly you replace things,
say you have a rite, basically you can 2 things
1- replace the speaker
2- replace the entire ampl - micr. can not be replaced…