Oticon Dual Dual M5/Pro or Bernafon Brite 502

These two models fit my preferences. I need a good looking, small HA that costs about 900 pounds a piece.

Bernafon’s advantage is that I can buy it here in Serbia tomorrow and have it fitted immediately. But I’m moving to UK in a week, so it might be tough to find someone to do the additional adjustments.

Oticon, on the other hand is unavailable here, so I would have to buy it when i get in the UK (i have booked an appointment with a specialist on Monday). Then I would probably have to wait for additional 2 weeks to have it fitted and delivered.

So my question is: Is the difference in quality worth the wait? I use HA a lot when I’m in the UK, so I would prefer to go through an adaptation period while I’m still here… (my old HAs are broken, so I don’t have any backup).


both are solid instruments…