Oticon Dual Connect Price


I purchased Oticon Dual Connect XW for both the ears for mild to moderate hearing loss. It purchased it for $5850 for two ears. I later found that some of them are selling for $4200 for two ears. Now I am not sure what is the valid price for these hearing aids? Can someone share what is the valid price range for these hearing aids.


I have found, that one’s location has a lot to do with the pricing. Where abouts are you?

4200 is a very very good deal

How about 5280.00 for Oticon Vigo Pro with power receivers?
Based on what I’m reading here it seems high.


they are not cheap, but do DEMAND they be vigo pro connect,
the vigo pro is being replace for the vigo pro connect. Same price

I really like how the Vigo Pro improves my hearing. What improvements does the Connect have over the Pro?

Lots of great info shared on this forum. Thanks so much to everyone who has posted and Happy holidays to all.


I live near Boston, MA

A source I just talked to on the phone told me the Vigo Connect is not available in the USA but has been available in Europe for a while now.

“The new Vigo Connect family is available as of Nov. 9, 2009. For more information, please visit

The Connect is not an improved aid but just add bluetooth/Streamer capability.

I have a price of $4800 for two Oticon Vigo Connect but my question is, why is it so hard to find competing price in the US. I can find this aid for 900 GBP which equates to $2880 USD for two aids. (1.6 conversion rate). Is there a reason why we couldn’t buy the aids from Europe and have them set to our audiogram before they ship them? Maybe they won’t fit our ears.

My audiologist that I worked with on Friday gave me a price of 1600ea for Oticon Vigo RITE’s

when i was looking at the Dual’s they were under $4000 for 2 including all 3 pieces of the Connect gear.

hey willie1280… Your pricing sounds reasonable. I was given roughly the same price for the vigo connect power RITE(non-pro) . I’m going to be trying them out. I will say another place I went had the vigo priced out of my reach.

You’ll need to compare packages the hearing aids come with to compare price adequately


Your audiologist may charge for his/her service thus being able to offer a lower price