Oticon dome ends up in ear canal - glue it onto receiver?


I have been consulting with an audiologist regarding this issue, but I have Oticon Power receivers that don’t have the best dome retention (Phonak for example has more ridges in their receivers so domes stay on more securely).

Because of this, I have considered an earmold, but I hate earmolds and have always vastly preferred domes due to their deep fit and also their convenience (replacing old domes, etc.).

It has been recommended to me to use super glue or some other glue to glue a dome on. My audiologist feels that domes are superior to earmolds for the same reasons I specified above.

Has anyone done this and what is the easiest way to do this? I want to be able to take it off and not have a mess as I replace the wax guard.

Thank you!

Well, I definitely wouldn’t use super glue. If you are going to try a glue, something like Pliobond which does a flexible bond that is strong but not too strong. I think a very small dot of something like that would keep it on while making domes more easily replaceable as well.

But, what you say doesn’t seem possible. There would be a hue and cry from users and fitters if this was a common result.

I don’t have the power recievers, but my domes are the same as yours and the point of attachment on my medium receivers is, I believe, identical. My domes definitely do not come off in my ear canal and, indeed, they require a pretty good tug to remove them. If yours are coming off in your canal, I would question whether your domes are the correct size.

I have alta pro & it’s pretty hard to pull the domes off, yours may not be put on correctly and/or are wrong for the receiver


I can confirm that yes, my domes have been put on correctly as I have been using Phonaks for a decade with domes without this happening. The Power receiver has been fitted with Power domes of different sizes where this happens no matter the size.

I have heard from one audiologist at least that Oticon makes the least strong receivers out of all the manufacturers - she is not saying this happens to the majority, but that based on overall patient results it has been the case that more people have ended up with this problem with Oticon than other manufacturers.

I feel that perhaps a reason people haven’t complained is that they are switched to earmolds if this is a problem. Just a guess.

i am willing to bet glue in the receivers would not be covered under warranty. Oticons site list earmolds for their power receivers.