Oticon Delta Warranty

I’m a relatively new hearing aid wearer. Since January of 2006 I’m been wearing a pair of Delta 6000’s by Oticon. Up to now everything has gone fine.
In late 2007 we relocated to Paris and wouldn’t you know it, my left aid stopped working at the beginning of February.
Does anyone know what Oticon’s Warranty is on their Delta Products, and, would a hearing specialist in France be able to read the programming of my Delta? Not sure if they use similar software, etc.

Finally, one last question for the moment?

Are the Delta’s able to use any of the new Bluetooth technology?
Thank for all your help.

the warranty is a world wide warranty provided you have proof of purchase
it does not cover the cost of earmolds (in this case irrelevant) or programing, etc. Warranty depends on the country- i know for a fact in EU is 2 years,

Unfortunately, only epoq is bluetooth capable-
but epoq is a complete instrument - with a lot more features if you want to get a product more value you could get a epoq V, which should be a significant upgrade

Thank you for the information.
Generally what might one expect to pay for Epoq? Also, if one moves up to a newer model does it always mean paying full price?

Oticon had set up 3 price leves according how much u r willing to cough up
epoq V, Epoq W and Epoq XW- it the same instrument but they have disable certain fetures. Most companies do this all the time, GN for example in the dot 30,20 and 10 do the same thing…

the XW should be close to $3000, or less


Could you tell me where you found this information?? I am still being told 1 year, despite the fact that the EU warranty on all comsumer goods is meant to be 2 years, also I just checked the warranty that came with my Widex hearing aids (purchased end 2003) and it says 1 year, so I am assuming for some reason that hearing aids do not have to abide by the EU Directive on Warranties or they are considered somehow medical and not consumer? Any help or documentation would be appreciated.


im friends from some guys @ oticon Head Quarters, a while a go they told me that by EU law the minimum warranty is 2 yrs but in some countries
the warranty goes even up to 3… I would suggest to write to them…
they said to me that is why there is a price difference among eu countries