Oticon Delta vs Opoq


I am new here and just in the process of getting a new hearing aid. I have had hearing issues since I was 3 years old due to a medical condition. I am completely deaf in my right ear and mild/moderate in my left ear… where high pitch is the worst. during this time I have had 1 set of hearing ads but that was in my early 20’s… at that time I had to wear behind the ear on both ears… well I felt very self concious and decided during my trial period that even though it was amazing to hear I just could not do it. Well now I am in my mid 30’s my hearing is unfortunatly getting worse over the years… so it is time to see if I might be able to make my life a bit easier.

How shocked was I to see how far hearing aids have come. I was told I only need in my left ear and she suggested the Delta and Opoq because of my loss and how small/hip they could be.

I am going to take the plug and finally get some… and show the world how cool/hip hearing aids can be (ok and to be able to hear)

so… I am trying to figure out is it best to go 6000 ($2,250), 8000 ($2,700)series in the Delta or go the Opoq 3200 ($3,200)? I like Delta for the design and the small of it but I like the option of the bluetooth on the Opoq. With the Opoq it includes batteries for 3 years. are the batteries for the Delta expensive? she mentioned they need to be changed every 5 days?

She is also going to throw in a handful of the different color casings (at one point she mentioned even providing all the colors to me), as well as mentioned if I ever want to have another color for a special occation she said come on in and she will change it and lend to me. I really like that option… is this normal to provide complimentary, or is she just been a real great audiologist?

This is just a big step for me… personally and financially and want to insure I make the best decision.

any suggests or comments welcome.

sorry for the detail, just wanted to give some background.

thanks for your help!
me :slight_smile:

epoq is a superior instrument…
go for it… the sound is considerable better…

if you are concern about prices wait for epoq V
expect it to be around delta 8000,
it is bluetooth compatible