Oticon Delta and glasses hurting

I have some hearing loss and am trying a pair of Oticon Delta hearing aids. I were glasses and the backs of my ears hurt from both of them, together. I can’t wear contacts and need the glasses. I have tried bending them but that hasn’t helped enough to hake the hearing aids comfortable. Any ideas?

Thank you!

did yourr audi use the measurement tool … maybe try a longer tube

if you are size 2 maybe a 3

:slight_smile: Thank you, i will look into that!

Looking at the picture the deltas, they look kind of fat, but that just may be the picture. I have a profound loss but my aids must be a bit on the thin side because there is not a lot of room between my ear and and my head, in other words my ears are pushed closer against my head.
The first question I have is, do the ears hurt when you are not wearing your glasses, and only wearing the aids. If that’s the case then the aids may be too fat or wide. Do your ears only hurt when you are wearing the aids and glasses.
To remedy that problem I wear wire rim glasses. I have even had the ear piece on the glasses removed and thinner ear pieces put on. It also, as stated above,
before he guy that can have you checking on your spouse, the tubes may be too short.