Oticon Connectline/Streamer

Hi all
I purchased an Oticon Bluetooth Connectline and Streamer about 6 months ago to use with my Home Offiice landline.
It was brilliant when I first set it up. I could hear the caller extremely well with the sound going straight into my £5,000 pair of Oticon Epochs and could even understand Irish and Asian callers far better.
One client commented that he knew something had happened because there wasn’t the usual delay after he stopped speaking while I guessed the words I hadn’t heard clearly !
But suddenly it started playing up - slow connection time, greatly varying volume, audi dropout, even sound going to the hearing instruments alternately(!) … It got so bad that my Audiologist send it back to the manufacturers for testing, but it came back “Working normally, We’ve reset the software, but it’s possibly your phone at fault.”
My phone is a Geemarc CL400 running through a BT Response 75 answering machine. I tried using a different phone - a BT Converse 1300 - but the problem was exactly the same.
Just wondering if anyone has had similar problems and may be able to pinpoint the possible problem.
It’s very disappointing after such a brilliant start.


I have had the "sound going to the hearing instruments alternately " happen to me. If i could point to anything that might be caused when i have my Duals on my music program and all my mikes are open ? The best way to find answers to your question Trevor would be to do a search of “STREAMER” in the “Digital Hearing Aids” or “Bluetooth & Hearing Aids” sections of this Forum. Go to “Search this Forum” contained in those sections of the Forum and then enter the word “streamer”.

Thanks Blackmamba. Will do.