Oticon Connectline Microphone is mini USB?

I ordered an Oticon Connectline microphone today to go with my Connectline Streamer Pro. My audiologist showed me one, and I was surprised to see that it charges via a mini USB socket, unlike the Streamer’s micro USB.

Why are they different? It means making sure I have both types of cable when travelling.

Good day, @pters! As you can see from my flag, I am Canadian. I haven’t heard of the devices you’ve enquired about, here in the Frozen North.

Is the streamer part what we call “Connect Clip”?[Edit 1: I just DuckDucked it, and the devices are not the same. I haven’t seen items like that in any marketing materials here, either.] I have one with a micro USB charging port, which is okay by me, since my external batteries use the same.

When I wore Unitron, the accessories were mini USB, which increased the complexity of my charging getup - nothing else I have uses mini USB.

A long-winded way to say "Yes - having multiple cord configurations creates more clutter for no good reason ".

ConnectLine is a much older device than ConnectClip. I suspect the original Streamer, before the Streamer Pro, might have had USB mini too, and they’ve never bothered to update the microphone.

It’s a pity, as USB mini is non existent on phones now, so I won’t be able to borrow a charger if I need one.

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