Oticon connectclip volume

Is there a way to adjust the volume on the connectclip? I’m using it with my Oticon opn 1’s and a Samsung Galaxy S8. People on the other end of the call are saying that the volume of my voice is much quieter when using the Connectclip that when just speaking into the phone directly.
The volume control on the Connectclip only adjusts the sound I hear, not the sound I transmit.
Any solution?

That maybe adjusted my your Audi

Do you know if there’s any setting in Genie?
Mel Bomke

While I have the connect clip I mainly us it to stream from my laptop


I assume that you have the ConnectClip attached near your chin or collar when you are using it? The closer it is to your voice, the better. Just hanging it around your neck doesn’t cut it. I’m not sure if there is an adjustment in Genie for the transmission volume others hear when you use the ConnectClip, but your audiologist can adjust the volume that you hear.

I do not believe that there is an adjustment for volume outgoing on a phone call. There is one for the remote microphone mode. Make sure that the clip is oriented properly; the microphone slot should be oriented vertically. See the diagram on page 22 of the instructions for use booklet. Normally adjustment for volume would be done at the listener’s end.

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