Oticon ConnectClip interrupts sound from TV Adapter

I just got connectclip and am noticing that when hearing aids are connected to TV adapter, whenever I get a text , the signal to the hearing aids from TV is interrupted for about 10 seconds… is there any way to fix ? Is it a known glitch with connectclip? TIA

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yes it does, and that is will I no longer use the connectclip with my iPhone.

Thanks… definitely a pain… guess I’ll save the connectclip for in the car or any times when I’m not using TV box …

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All the brands I’ve tried work that way. The phone has priority.

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Turn off iPhone keyboard sounds

I’ve taken to turning off the clip when using the tv adapter. As I often browse the web while watching tv, any audio from websites would knock out the tv streaming. No way around it that I’ve seen at all, at least not yet. Also, as you mention, any incoming message tone or ring would also steal the stream. So just easier to turn off the clip and call it a day.


Turn off all tones and rings (included facebook and so on) except phone and sms signals.

What if we need the notifications but we don’t want them in our aids? That is what so many don’t understand

Annoying notifications…
Which ones does you to like to hear throught your aids and which ones like to hear without them?

I only want caller ID and ringtone to my aids. Everything else I prefer to be just the phone vibrating. And I do have the Apple Watch so I like my text messages to go to the Watch along with the caller ID.

I don’t have apple watch. But I’d like an apple watch sized full function phone on my arm for not to have wearing the big mainstream sized “dual hand” style phones.

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Apple will be releasing a new SC2 iPhone this spring and it will have a 4.7 inch screen

I think this is another case of Apple being behind Android… apparently , I am told, for ConnectClip, Android has settings in Bluetooth where you can choose which audio (phone,media,etc) goes to Connectclip…

Yes apple does things their way and Android seems to do things its way. I use to only use the windows phones because I worked so much on Microsoft software. Then I went to Android because I didn’t want to go to Apple, but after I retired. I did not want to mess with doing anything anymore in the way of worrying about installing and wondering if it was going to work this time or if I was going to have to start over. So when the VA offered me the Oticon hearing aids that worked with IOS I said yes and I got the IPhone, then the iPad, then the Macbook and now also the Watch and I am so very happy that I have made the switch. Sure there are small issues at times, but I know that with each update and upgrade I am going to be able to have may data restored to my devices without to much issue. And even with the issues that so many complain about with IOS13, I haven’t seen anything I can work around.

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I have SE. But I’d like a phone on my arm with built in mic.

The apple watch can have the cell phone circuits in it but even then you have to have a iPhone, that is turned on and connected to the cell towers. It seems the watch only calls home to the iphone and the Iphone then makes the final call or something like that. I just cannot see paying a premium for the cell version of the watch, and having to have the iphone too, plus the watch battery life is not good at all either.