Oticon connect clip trouble

I have ( brand new) oticon hearing aids, connect clip, and android. have had them abt 6 months. The last two day my connect clip started randomly changing from bt audible connect with my phone to microphone randomly. Also volume can go up and down randomly. Sometimes in conjunction with my scrolling a screen on my phone. Yet it intermittinlg changes randomly if my phone is lying on a counter. it’s like its possessed. anyone else have this prob? Anyone get it resolved and how? I just upgraded my android software 4 days ago.

Sounds like you need to forget the connect clip, reboot the phone and pair the connect clip again.
While I have iPhone and IOS, any time there is an update to my iPhone I forget my aids and connect clip and reboot the iPhone and pair them again. And it has fixed issue much like yours. If this doesn’t work you may need to see your Audi and have your Audi check out the connect clip for you.