Oticon Connect Clip or Connect line?


I’m curious as I was not able to gain a clear understanding when reading information online about the Oticon Connect Clip or Connect Line Mic. Do these devices supplement the mics in the HA’s or replace them.

I other words are the HA mics disabled when either one of these are in use?

thank you


Not unless you have them set up that way. Some aids can have them muted by and extra long press of one of the buttons.


The ConnectClip is only compatible with the Oticon Opn. It can be used as s remote mic to clip into a speaker’s shirt collar or as an intermediary device to stream android phone calls to the Opn aids. In the software, you (your audi) can configure the volume of the aid mics when using the ConnectClip.


Thank you. I have a single OPN1 at this time. I’ve decided to get the other one for the ‘better’ ear on my next visit. Since I’m using an iphone the only reason to have the connect clip would be to
blend the HA mics and the external mics. It sounds like this is feasible - again thank you for the input.