Oticon Connect Clip for Oticon OPN

I keep hearing that the Connect Clip for OPN was to be available in Denmark/Sweden in Q1. Are there any updates on that, or has anyone heard when it will be available in the US? I switched from Phonak to OPN last fall and am really missing my lapel mic – I need to be hands free! :slight_smile:

The latest I’ve heard is “later this year”; very disappointing.

ACK! I am similarly feeling cheated and misled about the clip-on streamer. Oticon comes out with a rechargeable miniRITE, has all the yada yada for iPhone use, but us Samsung Galaxy phone users eat crow. I ended up buying a pair of bulky Sennheiser headphones to “stream” phone calls from my cell phone to my aids. A cludge, but still … better than holding the phone to a single ear - especially when calling Anthem and ending up in a 45-min cue with obnoxious music playing getting “phone elbow” as a result. I’m bummed. I also travel with my old Oticon Agil Pro aids and the Streamer Pro they are compatible with. That’s 4-yr-old technology! It just seems that in the realm of hearing aids, it’s always an imperfect solution. I’d like to see a Bentley sold without a steering wheel - or maybe sans gas tank. How many of those would sell? But here I’ve bought this so-called state-of-the-art set of miniRITE aids and there is no phone streaming device.

And here, I administer a slap to my forehead.

I wonder if there is insufficient groundswell to get Oticon to get that clip-on streamer to market if we’ll all be left in the dust, or forced to go the Apple route.

I would suggest that we all let our audis know to convey to Oticon our great displeasure at their misleading promise for a Q1’17 release of the ConnectClip. We should tell them to let Oticon know that we will remember this next time we choose our next pair of HAs.

We should tell them to let Oticon know that Oticon should do it right by their early adopter customers by offering an at-cost discount (at-cost-to their-dispenser discount) on the ConnectClip to early 2016 adopters like us who bought the OPNs based on the false promise of the Q1’17 release.

Maybe it is a part of “Made for iPhone” program - for iPhones sales growth? If yes - this would be ashamed for both Oticon and Apple. No one has the right to impose iPhone.

Haha, if that ploy is real indeed, it worked on me. I succumbed to the waiting and went out and replaced my Samsung Note 4 with an iPhone 7 Plus.

YES! I for one will pick up my pitchfork and march to my aud-guy’s NEW office to let him know my ire at the delay. Granted he is only the man in the middle of this muddle, but he could speak on behalf of other patients who are similarly miffed at the delay. In fact, I will also go online and send Oticon tech support a nagging email right now. It takes about 2 weeks to hear back from them … but at least I will have lodged yet another plea for the clip-on streamer. Charge me what you will, just gimme the DAMN streamer.