Oticon Chili SP9 self fitting

I am self-fitting (two Oticon Chili SP9), and I have a question for specialists. I cannot make choice between two “identities” (for about a 2 years) - Dynamic or Active. Oticon Genie fitting software recommend me a Gradual identity, but all sounds with it become “dead”. Most “live” but too sharp and sometimes too loud sounds are in Dynamic identity, and speech intelligibility is highest, especially in noise. When in Active identity, all sounds are most natural, comfortable, but speech intelligibility is not too high, and half of speech in noise is not audible at all. I had to make a two different programs - first with Dynamic for speech and second with Active for comfort. But it is not an ideal.
How to combine all advantages of two different identities in one program, or how to make choice between these identities and fine tune it?

russiandeaf, it will be amazing if a specialist, audi or fitter, answers your question. i’m not an audi but i’m not sure if i would assist people who want to self program without compensation. good luck.

Gary, I think what you just said was that you wouldn’t unless you created greater liability for yourself. Suggest you up your personal liability although they still might deny such claims if you avoid disclosure and stiffer premiums.

I think what you set up is what I’d recommend. One setting for noise, and one for all around

It is a good solution, but clicking programs back and forward permanently is not too useful. I need only one universal program for all situations (and “music” as second program). My audi is a very young girl without any experience - it is a reason why I am self-fitting.

May be silly but browsing around Help might give you some ideas:

Help/Help on Genie/Fitting Step

Automatics Manager
YouMatic Manager

eta: realized after posting that Automatics/YouMatic don’t apply to Chili:mad:

pvc, it is for Inium chipsets only. I have a Chili with RISE2 platform, and it don’t work with YouMatic. I don’t know why Oticon stuck with superpower hearing aids.

Why don’t you just leave it in active and modify the response a little bit to increase the gain above 750Hz. This won’t cause the aid to sound ‘louder’ by much as we tend to judge loudness from lower pitch sounds, but you’ll have a bit more clarity without the harshness of the Dynamic program.

Um bongo, thank you for answer! I am in active mode now for about one week, but it is really too low clarity of voices.
What do you mean in “increase the gain above 750Hz”? There are three (or four) levels - soft, moderate, loud sounds and MPO. Which levels to increase - all levels with MPO in all frequencies from 750 Hz and higher?
I will try it in a copy of main program for comparison.

Just raise the gain in the soft and moderate settings in the programming screen (the one with the lines; target is dotted), you don’t need more loudness at the top so leave the MPOs alone.

Um bongo, thank you very much! How many in dB I must add to gain?