Oticon Chili SP9 in noise

I am trialing the Oticon Chili SP9. Programmed linearly (formerly an analog user for 50 years). The speech in recognition is good, but the noise program isn’t great. Background noise is suppressed in restaurants but so are the voices of the people at the table. Anyone have suggestions or the same experience?

Probably too late to be of relevance but I have the same problem. The main program is great but the noise reduction setting is crap. In fact I think they were better on my old hearing aids. I find that I have to turn the volume down in noisy situations as the background noise still comes in too loud. This as you said also suppresses the voice of the people you’re conversing with. I wasn’t sure if my audio just didn’t progrm it very well but it sounds like thats just how it is with that hearing aid.

There is a full forward directionality setting, a split directionality and more in the programming software. Check to see where you were set. But i agree the forward directionality is not all that great but in combo with speech guard should be at least helpful. Have your ha’s set up with another speech in noise manually edited program to experiment.

Split directionality i deleted and will have them make adjustments in another speech in noise full forward directional program that helps speech better.
But i have been using the connectline mic. Was in a really noisy restaurant the other day, multiple tv’s, music, chatter etc and with the lapel mic on the person across the table connected to my streamer it was quiet as heck for me talking to my daughter, she asked me to speak up. It was amazing except my voice had a echo but i can live with that till i get the mic adjusted.

Add more low frequencies back into your directional program. When you are in the directional program, the microphones automatically lose low frequencies due to the nature of the microphones. The lows will reengage your perception of speech and the directionality will enable you to hear better in noise.

Try that and see what happens.

Have your audi do the following
under the automatics, noise reductions have the following options, off, moderate and maximum, turn then off

I am trialing the New Seimen PURE 501 Carat RIC. The speech in recognition is good, but the noise program is terrible like I hear million of chicken in the background. I could not understand the waiter in the noisy crowd.

Should I try Widex clear 440 before buying Seimen PURE 501 Carat RIC?

Your advice would be appreciated.:slight_smile:


You do not need to post the same thing in multiple places. That just gets people here angry.

My advice is to post a problem in only one place. You already started a new thread. That’s where the discussion belongs.

Lew and Bendigga - I have the same problem, though I am trialing the Chili SP7. I ordered food at a convenience store and could not hear the server tell me the specials - as usual, I had to ask 3 times.

In a normal setting, I really like the speech clarity of the Chili 7 and might get them. For me they are noticably better at speech recognition then the other 2 brands I tried.

Do either of you have problems in the phone program? I don’t get to demo the connect line until next week and was curious what other HA users think of the streamer.

I think you can have the background noise lowered and voices raised in the programming of the Chili’s. Ask your Audiologist.

I use the streamer with my Chili SP 9 …I use the Tv connect and blue tooth link my I phone.

outstanding products.