I try the Oticon Chili SP5 for a trial period. At general I am quite satisfied. For first program I use the NAL-RP algorithm and for the second program I use the DSE algorithm.

Initially I used only the program with DSE algorithm but I noticed that is cutting the loud sounds while the noise management is off and the directionality is Split Dir.

And then I try for first program with NAL-RP algorithm and the situation in loud enviroment is better but I still feel that something is cutting. (noise management=off / Directionality=Split Dir).

Do you have something to propose ?!? I would appreciate very much to have your opinion.

Thanks in advance,


There are an “overall loudness trimmer” in Oticon Genie software - ask your audi to raise this trimmer to +1 or higher.

MPO levels can be raised as needed.

Thank you very much. I will try this. But I think that it is not the solution of my problem.
I try to explain my problem with more details.

Even though I have my hearing aid with noise reduction OFF sometimes I don’t hear in some situations.
For example I am claping my hands and I feel that my hearing aids something cut. I don’t understand why this happening.
Also when I am standing in the enviroment with wind I can’t hear clear and loud. There is something to do with the wind (to deactivate something ? )

Generally I have my hearing aid with noise reduction OFF and I feel that in some situations my hearing aids are editing the sound and something is lost.

Thank you very much for your advices.

There are several ways of adjusting the level of softer sounds. There’s also a soft speech preservation function accessible in Genie.

High input levels that are not speech based will not be amplified to the same extent as speech, simply because they don’t aid speech comprehension - particularly impact noises and wind noise. If you feel that the aid is too active in terms of what it is doing, you can turn down these effects.