Oticon Chili microphone problems when streaming

I have a pair of two Oticon Chili SP9 for about a month. These are my best aids after a pair of Phonak Naida V UP’s (which was my worst nightmare because of static electricity burnouts). I love a natural and crisp sound of Chilis, but I found a little problem in them.
Outer sounds from microphones without streamer are very ideal, but when I’m using streamer with my iPod, the parallel outer sounds from microphones are slightly fades on left side and practically muted on right side (but sounds from streamer stays at right volume and balance!). This problem is very inconstant, it appears from time to time, but if appeared, it stays to the end of streaming session.
If you have a pair of Chili SP9, please try to listen outer sounds when audio paused at source and streamer stays in audio streaming mode (for no interference of outer and streamed sounds). Have you the same problems?

It may be that the hearing aids are practicing their preferred noise reduction practices?

In the Genie software for programming those hearing aids, there is a section for the connect line products. There are separate adjustments for modifying the microphones on the hearing aids while streaming. Alternatively, there is a way to mute the microphones on the hearing aids by pressing and holding the down button on the streamer for 3 seconds.

No, both my aids have initial settings in ConnectLine section. Also I have a new problem - yesterday, when I listened my iPod through streamer in a car noise (with unmuted hearing aids microphones), I found that my second (left) aid have a lower volume of outer sounds too! The right HA lower its outer sounds volume one hour earlier than left aid. It happened when battery (size 13) in left HA was at 12-th life day (maybe at 10% of its capacity). My right aid worked with new (1-st day) battery, but it lower outer sounds volume too. Also I found that these problems started in both aids only when I listen my iPod through streamer with unmuted microphones and with dying batteries (but replacing the battery does not help - once appeared this problem still remains even with new batteries).
I think that quality control in Oticon missed this situation. Both my aids have absolutely different serial numbers - so they are from different release parties.

Could it be possible that your hearing aids are set differently for each ear. Having not seen your audiogram I am pretty well guessing at the answers to your issue.

What is your perception of sound when you are not streaming music? Are all sounds balanced between your ears. I would venture a guess that they might not be. If my guess is right, then your streamed info and microphone levels are exactly doing what they were programmed to do.

As for the serial numbers, it is rare that you would get sequential serial numbers or even similar serial numbers on your hearing aids.

I have a best sound balance without streamer, and all sounds from streamer very well balanced, but only sounds from hearing aids microphones while streaming have many issues. It is not a battery problem because sounds from streamer plays at normal balanced volume even when microphones at one or both sides falls. And where I’m stopping streaming by pressing Audio button at streamer, all outer sounds became normal!

I would guess that your audi set up the mics to go down when you are streaming so you can hear it without background noise. My HA’s sound is muted when I’m using the Streamer and my audi set it up that way after we tried it with several different options available. I found that if the mics were on when trying to hear what was being streamed I had trouble hearing if there were a lot of noise in the background and If I’m listening though the Streamer I really don’t want to hear something else or someone trying to talk to me while I’m talking on the phone.

No, my ConnectLine settings is initial and same in both aids, which means that mics must be at full sensitivity at streaming. But both my aids have a different volume levels on mics when streaming, and volume falls at different time.

I have an idea… check the microphone ports on each hearing aid and make sure there is no debris in them. If there is, clean them out gently using a clean brush. DO NOT run the brush bristles or anything else though the ports.

See if that makes any difference.

Thank you, but microphones are clean. They have problems only in combination with streamer - microphones only have normal sound and streamer in any situations have normal sound too.