Oticon and Android P Update (Pixel)?

Is anyone here seeing a more full-featured support for direct streaming (without the additional Connect Streamer device) through the latest Android P update? I will never ever own an iPhone, but would prefer direct streaming without something hanging around my neck. I have just ordered a new pair of OPN2 HAs.
Here’s a related article:

Thank You.

So far only ReSound GN with the release of the Quattro states direct Android support with a “future release of Android” and a “software update to the Quattro”. Many threads on the forum discussing this, here are two.

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Thank You, Yes… after I posted my question I saw many other queries.

If you decompile and examine the Android P code, there is some direct streaming programming that is not activated. Who knows if and when it will be. Hopefully sometime soon, would be nice. The bluetooth OPN to Pixel phone functions are certainly excellent.


Even when direct Android streaming becomes available, don’t expect it to be trouble free. Even with made for iPhone and Resound hearing aids which have been finetuning this for years, people still have issues. (Just do a search for bluetooth issues in the forums) Hopefully when direct Android streaming becomes available, it will be good enough to be of use and not too frustrating to use.

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