Oticon Alta2 Pro Ti Firmware?

Does the Oticon Alta2 Pro Ti HA’s have updatable firmware? I have been going round and round with the Firmware Updater not detecting mine. It behaves the same way as when I try to connect using Genie 2 software for the OPN aids on Alta2 aids (which we know doesn’t work). What happens is that you see the left and right lights on the Hi-Pro blinking madly and then both Genie2 and Oticon Firmware Updater say “No Aids Detected”.

I’m now guessing that Alta2 Pro Ti does not have updateable firmware and rather than tell you that, it just says it can’t detect aids.

I have the same question. How did you try connecting you Alta2 aids (wirelessly, or via Hi Pro and flexconnect leads???

Genie does not have Tools/Open Oticon Firmware Updater. Genie 2 has it. But not Genie.

Genie 2 is for hearing aid models beginning with Oticon Opn, therefore you can conclude that hearing aid Firmware updates were not possible until Oticon Opn.

Also, you cannot perform Oticon Firmware updates with a wireless programming device. Oticon Firmware updates requires a wired programming device (mini Pro or Hi Pro). Plus use fresh batteries in the hearing aids.

btw> Oticon Opn has been around for long enough to become mature and no longer receive any Firmware updates. But we don’t know for sure.

Yup…the usual manner. Big learning curve without a lot of reference material. I last programmed mine when I posted the above question. The learning curve starts over again after a long layoff. This forum is not very active re: self-programming. PVC’s answer is correct, but I figured that out about 8 months ago.