Oticon Alta Pro Mini Rite vs Unitron Moxi 2 Pro

Confused with these 2 choices.

First off will this be an improvement over my WI 110’s that I’m currently using with 40DB receivers? I’ve been relatively happy with them, but the “mode aid” the right is now irreparable so I guess it’s time to move on.

I’m hoping the Binaural thing will help as I’m always confused where the sound is coming from.

Any input in this decision making process will be well received.

I’m a 64 year old. Relatively active with a 5 year old son.

If anyone has input regarding ability to control volume, I’d like to hear that. I like the volume control on the WI 110. The mode button is of less use to me and with the volume control on the aid, I find it less necessary to bring the remote with me.


Starkey still manufactures and sells the Wi Series i110 RIC, so it will be far cheaper to have them replace your defective unit rather than purchasing a new pair of hearing aids. You’ll need to find a dispenser in your area that has an account with Starkey and get them to send it in for you. The Oticon Alta Pro usually sells for $5000 or more, and it probably won’t be a huge improvement over what you have now. The Unitron Moxi2 Pro isn’t even on the market yet; it won’t be available for several more weeks.