Oticon Aids Stopped Connecting Automatically to iPhone

I’m using 2-year old Oticon Opn S1 aids and a iPhone X running iOS 16.1. I also have the Oticon ON App version 2.5.0 installed on the iPhone.

Up until a few days ago, my aids would automatically connect to my iPhone. All I had to do was close the battery covers on the aids to power them up and the aids would automatically connect to my iPhone. But that suddenly stopped working. I now have to launch the Oticon ON App before the aids will connect to the iPhone. Once I’ve manually connected the aids using the App, things work fine. But if I close the Oticon ON App, then the hearing aids automatically disconnect. This never used to happen. Hoping for instructions on how I can get things working like they did before this problem started.

Keep us posted. I can’t help with the issue but I’m interested. I have Opn S1s as well and have had absolutely no issue with either a 6S or an SE-2, and I’m about to jump up to an I-13 mini. I’ll be curious what others say.

Do they disconnect from the iPhone where you can’t stream from your he phone also. It is possible they they are connected to the iPhone but not the app that happens to me at times

Soft reset the iPhone and see what happens.
Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and Home button until the Apple logo appears .


Thanks. I’m embarrassed I didn’t try this before posting. A reset is usually my first reaction when I encounter a phone problem. Not sure why I didn’t think of it this time. Anyway, the reset fixed the HA connection problem I was having. Thanks!

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My pleasure. Take care and stay safe.

I am wearing the Opn S1 miniRITE for 4 years, have gone from iPhone 6 to SE to SE-3, I am currently on IOS 16.1.1. I have always faced the same issue you are only facing now: closing the Oticon ON app disconnects the hearing aids; open the app and the hearing aids reconnect. I have deleted and reinstalled the app many, many times. The issue has never gone away. The app is still 2.5.0. I asked Oticon about it and their response was useless.

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