Oticon Agile Pro Mini fitting range?

I have had Agile Pro mini’s for almost a year now.

However, it seems like feed back is becoming much more of a problem for me. If I reduce the volume, the feed back immediately goes away but so does my ability to hear well.

Also, if I use the music program, the aids do sound much clearer and louder, however I have to reduce the volume a lot in order to control the feedback.

I am currently using open domes and have tried power domes and they both feedback.

#1) Should I be using micro molds?
#2) Should I be using more powerful hearing aids with a wider fitting range?

Attached is my audiogram, however my loss in the 1K to 3K range is about (10db to 15db) higher now than it was at the time of this test. This was due to an ear injury I sustained with Q-tips in July.

Note: This feedback problem has gotten substantially worse since my ear injury in July. I have been retested and had my HA’s adjusted several times since July to accommodate the increased loss.

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First - I do not believe open domes are the best fit for you based on previous readings. I don’t have a professional opinion - just one based on the readings here.

Micro mold? I bet it would.
More powerful aids? Doubt it - More feedback! Remember you said it yourself - you have to turn down the volume. More powerful aid set at the same setting you have now would result in similar outcome.

Once you hit 80+ feedback appears to be more pronounced. When you say turn it down are you referring to across the board? Try turning down JUST the high frequency - Get the Oticon software (if you feel comfortable).

Good luck - Keep us posted.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes, when I turn them down it is with the volume control on the aid or from my streamer. Not sure how that works as far as low frequencies go.

I was browsing the Oticon website and looking at the fitting range for the Agiles and it seemed like I am out of that range? Unless of course I can’t read the chart correctly (which is likely) :slight_smile:

See attached:

You looked at the Oticon Agil’s not the Agil Pro’s fitting range, I think your in the ballpark. Maybe a custom earmold will fix the feedback issues. Try googling Oticon Agil Pro mini rite and see the fitting range, would send you the link but for some reason I can’t get it to work.

One thing I forgot to mention, the little speakers on the end of the wires (transmitters…I think) are M, rather than the more powerful P type.

It is my understanding that they come in three powers, S, M & P. Anyway, Ive got the M’s.

With the M’s it looks like you’re at the ragged edge of the fitting range.

Based on your "original" numbers - you seem to be almost the same as mine.  I am 8 months old in using HA.  I have open fit custom molds.   I was told the idea is it lets low freq pass thru virtually "untouched" since most of my boost needs to be in the higher freq. range.
The custom molds make it so I am not ever conscious I am wearing anything and there is no chance of them falling out.  The main advantage is I can use any telephone and continue to wear my BlueTooth headset w. my BlackBerry.   I didn't have to get involved w. cumbersome extra hardware to wear and maintain.   I never once have had any feedback.   My HA are Phonak S V.     



Thanks for your reply. I have never heard of open fit custom molds. Is that the same as the micro molds? How are low frequencies with those? My open domes seem to be unbalanced in the mid to mid high range.

I checked out the Phonak Naida on the Phonak website and I see pictures of the Naida with water all over them but no mention of water resistance. Since I am an amateur athlete, it would be great to have something that was a lttle water (sweat) resistant.

The Naidas seems to have a very powerful fitting range starting at 50db (which seems high to me). I have been looking at the Phonak Ambra’s and they seem to match my slope better than the Naida’s since they go all the way up to 0 db even down in the lower frequencies.

Attached is my audiogram, however my most recent results in the 1K to about 3K range are roughly 5db to 10db lower than the graph due to an injury to my ears in July this year. (perforated eardrums, …bilateral).

Please give me any details on your phonak you can because I have to get something that I can hear well with and reduce the feedback as much as possible.

My employment as a retail store manager demands better hearing than I currently have. Particularly when using the telephone (which is now very very poor).

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

I do believe most of the Spice line have water resistence features. The Naida’s for sure.
however, they are also larger BTE aids as well.
Concentrate on the feature set to match the difficulties.

As for the Ambra’s. The M model does not have a telecoil and I wonder to this day if/how it would/could help me.

I love them. Small enough to be discreet and flexible enough for a wide range of fittings. Pricey? A bit, but you get what you pay for!
the TV & music streaming? Priceless.

About feedback problem, Oticon have one of worst FB sistem.
They could not make my loss after trying duals, power agils, epoq power bte (not rite). 4x micromold, one hard powermold for agil, one hard unvented mold and one soft sillicon mold for tube epoq. No good. They squeel, and squeel hard.

While oticon gave super natural sound, what i have from that if they cannot gave me that without feedback. Problem - i do not withstand occlusion so power dome are not an option (vacum, not only voice) and have in ear movement.
So, they would work if jaw closed - open or make facial escpresion, smile and they squeel. I even full made ocluded soft mold and it squeeled now and then.

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Phonak have whistle block. It prevent aids from whistle tradeing little quality. And they can withstand jaw movement (aka sudden sound leak). And that is with open fit (closed domes).
If needed i can make it stronger, weaker… no problem. (smart’s s ix)

   When I got my HA, my first about 9 months ago, I didn't really know exactly what to expect even tho I had been on this forum for a couple years.
 The audi explained (as I had guessed from reading here) I'd be suitable for an "open-fit" HA.  Sure enuf, that's what she recommended.  She explained that the part (mold) that goes in the ear would have an opening (small hole) to let lower freq. sounds thru, naturally.   She then made molds of both my ears - using as I recall a type of plastic.   I assumed this was SOP (Std. Procedure).  It appears from reading here that some people get "pre-made" molds - not custom.     
 It took about 3 weeks for her to place the order and get them back in.  The part (mold) in the ears fit perfectly.   I never have had any feedback.
They are not waterproof.   I realized that when I wasn't thinking and kept walking thru a light drizzle.   It knocked out the batteries.   Changing the batteries brought them back to life.   
 I never had a problem hearing and understanding people on a phone - which is one reason I waited longer than I should have to get HA,   Before going to my HMO's audi (test was covered but HA are not, went to Costco.  They wanted to sell me a closed (if that's the right term) system - the kind where the ear is completely closed up.  I wouldn't have been able to use a phone in normal fashion.     
 With the open fit I can use any phone.  With a closed fit, I would have needed to deal with having additional hardware etc. - and I think - been limited to just using one phone (not sure about that).  
With what I have, I can use any phone normally and use my BlueTooth head set w. my cell.   For years I have worn a BT headset for 5-8 hours/day.   I have always used the style that fits on the ear.  Some have an "in the ear" type design.  Of course that wouldn't work for me now.  
As I recall, you have trouble using a phone w.o. a HA.   You may have to go with the more complicated "extra hardware" route.   I don't sweat much - so didn't need to factor that in.   When indulging in exercise - at the "Y" or kayaking etc. - I don't wear them.   
 I still am not familiar w. all terms.   I don't know what a "micro mold" is.  All I know is my molds fit inside the ear w. a little "hook" that fits just outside the ear canal tucked into the bottom curve of my ear.    It is pretty much invisible because more than one person has said "I thought you we now wearing HA."  I said I am.  They wouldn't see them.    
 Also, not sure what ther term "unbalanced" means and what problems that causes.  I do know that just wearing one HA (either left or right) does not help nearly as much as wearing both.


Based on your audiogram, I would advise you use power recievers, with custom silicone earmolds. This generally will be quite comfortable and will mostly solve your feedback issues.

My loss is similar to yours in that my lows aren’t bad, however, I use a earmold which is a # 21 advanced design free field acrylic mold with a 2 mm vent. I can use a standard phone with no problems, I can also use a cell phone with no problems, but I choose to use the Streamer w/Bluetooth because it is so much easier and convenient. As for comfort after the first month I didn’t know I had them in my ears and I have never had any feedback problems. As for moisture issues I purchased a pair of Hearing Aid Sweat Bands and when its going to be raining or I’m going to be sweating I put them over the HA and I’ve never had and moisture problems since getting them. good luck on getting your issues resolved.

I have updated my signature with recent hearing test. The L ear did not heal after I perforated it with a Q-tip.

Anyway, should I ask my audi straight out if we can try the power receivers with custom molds, or I should I keep going back asking for adjustments until she suggests that on her own?

My HA’s are Agile Pro mini’s but they just are not loud enough. If I increase the volume, they feedback constantly. As I said in my original post, I have to use the music program (without noise compression) in order to hear at all.