Oticon Agil vs. Agil Pro

Hi, everyone, I just discovered this forum while researching my new HAs and I hope you can give me some advice! I have a profound hearing loss (acquired when I was very young), and I’m in need of new hearing aids - I met with an audiologist, who evaluated me and ordered Oticon Agil RITEs, which are on their way. I asked about the Agil vs. the Agil Pro and he said that they were mostly the same and the few extra features of the Pro in his opinion weren’t worth the additional $1100 cost for the pair. Does anyone here have an opinion on that? He has a return policy on the hearing aids, so he said that if I decide after I get these that I want to try out the Pros that I could still do that - so I want to be thinking about that while the Agil HAs are on their way. Thanks in advance!

Profound loss… your audiologist ordered RITE’s???

No offence, but realistically those hearing aids are not strong enough. You should be looking at power BTE’s rather than RITE’s.

Try them, and keep in mind what I have said. I have a feeling that if they fit and sound good at this moment, will you have enough reserve gain for the future?

BTW, both hearing aids are excellent.

I have the Oticon Agil RITE. (Only had it one week)

My hearing loss is also profound. Total loss in left ear, Profound Loss in right ear.

Could you explain the difference between the RITE and the BTE?

The main difference other than the physical shape/size is the power. Profound losses typically require more power than most RITE hearing aids can provide. Therefore, a more powerful hearing aid is required. BTE hearing aids are usually more powerful.

All the hearing aids I’ve had have been power BTEs, so I actually agree with what you’re saying. My hearing aids have now come in and I’m supposed to go pick them up later this week. When I get fitted with these, I will ask my audiologist whether these are enough versus the power BTEs. He actually did not tell me which style he was ordering, but when I called back to his office to ask, one of the office people said it was the RITE, so I guess there’s a chance they were mistaken when they said that… guess I’ll find out soon! Whatever I get, I want to be sure I’m not maxing out the gain to make them work for me.

Thanks for your input and for your reassurance on the Agil vs. the Agil Pro. I appreciate it!! :slight_smile:

Here is the page on the Oticon website that shows the different styles and colors for the Agil, including RITE vs. BTE, if that helps: (It won’t let me post the link because I’m a new member, but if you Google “oticon agil styles and colors” it’s the second link.) I’m sure you’re still adjusting to them right now, but how do you like them so far?! I’m SO EXCITED to get mine!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation. As I mentioned, I have the Oticon Agil RITE. Have experienced trouble with the new Hard ear mould, so went to my audiologist. My regular audio was not there, so saw another audio who said with my hearing loss I really needed the BTE. She took a new ear impression for the Soft mould and I should have the new Oticon Chilli BTE in 2 weeks. I will update the differences once I get it :slight_smile:

I use the Oticon Agil Pro. Notice my audiogram. I am profound and doing well. Yes they are pretty well maxed out to concentrate on speech, but a power aid would not work any better because I have a recruitment problem. This means that any amplification above 110 db in the highs above 2500+ htz would sound very broken up and not contribute to speech comprehension.
I also use the Connectline Mic which is a really a great little device to get used to. You can put the mic on the table, say a group of 4 in a restaurant, set the streamer on mute and you can converse with the group. Attach the lapel mic to the person you are with and presto, wireless voice into your ears.

Are you having these with customs molds ?

Yes the hard C shell with canal locks. Next time i will ask for the soft c shells if available. the soft should stay put longer.

I might try these are well and ask for Agils to try them.
Is the Agil much diffierence from the Pro ?

My loss is very simialr to yours,so maybe they can work for me.

Have you tried any Phonaks before deciding on Agil pro ? How much is the price for pair of Agils?

I have recruitment

So a more powerful aid could in fact make it more difficult for me to understand words. If you can convince your professional to try it why not?

I tried the phonak smarts when they first came out. Too many problems, dont know how it all worked out since 2011.

The difference between the agil pro and agil is i think the spacial app where it zooms into where voice is.

My audi quoted me for Agil Pro at $6631, more than enough to really make me run to Costco. Feel like been fooled by my audi-having a new hearing aid yearly. I thought you have to change it yearly. I am such a fool, glad I learn a lot from this forum.