Oticon Agil Problems

Beware: Streamer has no On/Off switch & its rechargeable battery dies w/in 8-10 hours which necessitates recharging …

Also, sweating plays havoc with these aides, hence they are constantly being sent in for repair at Oticon :frowning:

I use my Streamer frequently, and treat it like my Mobile phone - I simply charge the Streamer overnight at the same time as I charge my mobile phone using the handy charger stand. I normally get a full day use with no issues. If I am travelling, and Streaming / talking on my Mobile for more than 5 hours per day (which does not happen that often), then I use a USB Charger in my car or a USB Cord to my Laptop, for a quick recharge. Its easy. I find my Streamer Battery lasts for approx 3 days - when I am simply using it as a remote control, and even longer if I turn the Bluetooth / Connect function off.
I have Agil RITE Minis and a Streamer since early this year and have had NO issues with reliability of either the aids or streamer. I was given a “Skin” with my Streamer, and advised to use it if I was doing any activities where moisture could be an issue - for example when I am sailing.

No sweat problems with mine. Then again, I dont sweat that much. In terms of on/off, yes you can. Turn off bluetooth when you dont use it. That will save the battery.

I haven’t had problems. Using the bte program button took some time to figure out. Forward tap for higher volume, back tap for lower. holding the button for about 2 seconds in either direction will rotate through your programs. hold it down back for 3 seconds to mute the aid (this feature has to be turned on via the programming software).

I would suggest people get the bte with the control button so you would not really have a need for the streamer. I don’t have a problem using my bte with my cell and land line phones, so the streamer seems less necessary. The aid does have feedback when I initially bring up certain landline phone headsets to the aid.

I do wish they have a phonak mypilot type hand held microphone unit for the aid. Not that the aid does not function well in noise, just that I would think a hand held unit would be much more powerful for hearing in noise.

What is this you speak of ? :confused:

My mistake, I meant the easylink, smartlink, zoomlink.

but I am wrong as agile does have the amigo


something I will be sure to check out.

Got new aides and not seeing a big difference between the Vigo Pro (replaced by Acto Pro…tried these also but had problems with sound). Anybody have comments? Cannot get the streamer to work with our Samsung TV Speaker system. Tried it on our Sony and didn’t like the sound. CC works better for me.

Hard to adjust program selection on the BTE units…

Is the Streamer still mono? That seems a big problem for using for TV or music. What kind of headsets can be used with the hearings aids?

Yes it is. I used streamer for 2 years. now i have icom and i tryed to watch movies with icom stereo sound and found it was much better experience. I could even use it in games too for night gaming.
only thing i miss from oticon agil is powerbass… but stereo or powerbass is easy choice - stereo.