Oticon Agil Pro Telecoil Quality

I am wearing Oticon Agil Pros with a power RITE and power dome fit. I use an Oticon Streamer with an FM connection for accessories, which include my iPhone (Bluetooth), car (Bluetooth) and stereo equipment (hardwire). Considering my degree of loss (severe-profound) I’m doing OK. I have a problem, though, with the telecoil circuit on the Agil Pro. It sounds thin and fuzzy. I use this circuit at our church, where I managed the installation of an inductive loop system. I also use it with an infrared system at our local theater, where the IR receiver sends the signal through a neck loop. On the occasions when I use the house phone, the telecoil also seems weak.

Has anyone else had weak and fuzzy results with the Oticon Agil Pro telecoil?

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Funny enough! I tried out a pair of Acto pro rite’s over Christmas, had them for two weeks.
They were also tinny when use with my own tele coil, that I made for TV. It could just be adjustment you need form your audiology’s, I think that can adjust the low tones for that?