Oticon Agil Pro or Phonax?

I’m in a trial period of the Agil pro. It is considerable improvement over the 7 year old ReSound aids I had. It seems to do about everything I need but one that the ReSound did. It will not block out sounds in back of me and front focus like the Resound did. In fact, it seems to not do this at all. Also it does not seem to block out all kinds of background sounds for just speech. For example, in my car, when the A/C fan is running it will block the fan sound for 30 seconds then allow it to come back, doing this over and over.
My Audio has offered to let me try a Phonax to see if I like it better.
Do you have any comments on the Phonax vs Agil Pro for the features I do not have???

Hi Jerry, tis the Phonak Ambra Spice I take you are going to trial (Not Phonax), I’m going to hopefully trial these on Thursday, the Phonak Ambra SP (Super Power) I was ment to trial them last week, but there was a severe balls-up with my private audi’s admin, whom sent 2 x Ambra Micro P’s, instead of the SP and not only that, just one ear mold… I was not highly impressed! But, mistakes do happen and hopefully the wait is worth it?

Good luch in your quest:D Cheers kev.