Oticon Agil Pro or Hit?

I am 57 years old and have never worn hearing aids (although I have needed them for at least 10 years). I have been to a sales place and to an audiologist. The sales place recommended Oticon Hit for $3500 total (which is in my price range). The audiolgist recomended Agil Pro for $6500 total (Eeek!) I tend to trust the audiologist, but that is a pretty steep price. Does anyone know anything about the Hit? Below are the numbers I took off the chart the audiologist gave me. The salesperson gave me NO info other that what I dragged out of him. I did ask the salesperson about the Agil Pro and he said they are the “Mercedes of hearing aids” and $10,000.

0250 R-20 L-30
0500 R-30 L-30
1000 R-40 L-40
2000 R-60 L-60
3000 R-55 L-50
4000 R-55 L-55

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The hit seems overprice… If it was a hit pro it would have been rather OK

Hit is a basic 4 channel instrument. It is a very entry level. For that kind of money
you should be able to get a Vigo connect.

Hit is a 4 channel, rise 1 platform instrument, noise reduction trigger by modulation,
wind noise reduction, basic memory, etc.

I have an Oticon Hit Pro RITE which is the first and only hearing aid I have ever used - just coming up on two months of wearing them (L&R) on the 22nd.

The price you quoted on the Hit sounds to me to be high, even if it is a Pro.

I ended up getting mine through an audiologist who happens to be within 15 minutes of my home, so I am very pleased with the convenience of that!

I have had several adjustments which I could have really done without, however they give me more flexibility of adjustment as I now take advantage of the four programs, utilizing them to change front/rear mics several different ways. On top of that, I have a total mute on each and a rocker-type switch to increase volume up four more notches past the main setting or down eight notches below the main setting. When I get back to the main setting they indicate so by giving me two rapid beeps.

They also warn me in advance that the battery is about to go. Two beeps, every ten minutes or so depending on how fast they are dying, then a four-note tone to let me know the aid is shutting down due to dead battery.

I could not be more pleased with these, and I am hoping they last me a good, long time! I am still picking up things I have not yet heard, just last evening my wife had on Christmas Carols and there was a melodic trill or short run on the high notes of a piano. I had never even heard those notes in the past. When it happened several times more, I was really impressed! She had our main stereo on upstairs in her studio, not especially loud as she doesn’t like loud music, and I was downstairs here in my office below her studio where the stereo is located.

Also, today, I happened to hear my boiler burner making a high-pitched noise which I never would have even heard before the hearing aids!

Thank you-I think I may have to shop around more. I thought the prices were a little out there. The hit did seem nice, but I only wore it for a minute and in their quite office. Since I have not had aids previously, I have no comparison.

Thank you, that is very helpful to me. I am really just learning about aids and floundering. I am nervous about getting “entry level” as down the road I will not have the money to replace them. All he told me was hit and that is because I dragged it out of him. I doubt it is the pro. I think I will ask the audiologist to work on his price $6500 total is more than I have.

There is a model that’s in between the Oticon Hit & Oticon Agil.

The Oticon Vigo/Vigo Pro Connect is the old version of the mid-range model, the Oticon Acto/Acto Pro is the new version of their mid-range model.

Vigo connect is a good mid price instrument- for the money you should be able to get
a vigo pro connect bte- this are great instruments with almost all the things

I have the Agil Pro Power with the connect line for tv & phone. I paid 5800 for the hearings aids, new molds, streamer, tv and phone connect line hooks ups. I would say the price is way to high! I paid less and have the whole package. I would shop around more. I have worn Oticon for about 15 yrs and have always been happy with them. They offer many levels of hearing aids. The in addition to the HIT, they have a new mid range market hearing aid the ACTO. It uses the newer RISE 2. The Vigo as mentioned about is a good product as well Epoq which I think is being consider an older product given the newer Agil, Acto, and Chili.
Good Luck and remember to be picky and really try them out you should have at least 30 days to return them if you are not happy depending on the state you live in. It your not happy you won’t wear them and then it’s all a waste. Definitely, look for a new audiologist that one is hugely over priced!

When it comes to Acto (NON PRO)- Oticon has rebranded the vigo. Sure it has a new chip-
but other than the audiometer it is exactly the same instrument. The Acto pro sure
its a step up but the NON PRO version - offers nothing really different from the regular acto (the Mini rite might be a new thing- but from the processing standpoint-
it DOES NOT offer anything new.

My audiologist quoted $895ea for the Hit-with molds and adjustments and everything. So the price the OP was quoted was very high.

p.s. I should add I use the Hit as my back up in case my reg. aids fail. I used them on vacation last year and I was very happy with them. The only criticism is that the sound feels like headphones and they just project every noise. But even the basic Hit is far better than the old analogue HA’s I had-especially those from the 1980’s.