Oticon Agil Pro clicking sound

I have the Oticon Agil Pros and like them very much. Sometimes the right one will start a clicking sound like…click click…click click…click click…and then the welcome chimes start playing. Other times it just might continue clicking until I turn it off. After a day or so in the dehumidifier it will be okay for a while. Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing this problem???

Sounds like it could be a moisture problem if putting it in the D n S fixes the problem, or it could be a receiver that is on it’s way out. One of my HA’s clicked like a clock when the receiver went bad.

I’ve just began experiencing a clicking sound on the right hearing aid. It wasn’t there before.

If you have only had them since 1/27/14 take them back to your audi and have them checked out.

Do you put them in the dehumidifier every night? If you don’t, I think this is telling you to put them in there every night and not every now and again. I put my hearing aids in my Global Dry and Store every night as it makes a great case to keep them in away from pets and all sorts but it is also drying them out. Do go back to your audiologist tho to check your receiver.

I have found the origin of the mysterious clicking sounds. Actually, both hearing aids click, but the right clicks more often. The clicks occur during amplification of louder sounds - it seems like lower frequencies induce the clicking sounds (< 200Hz). The reason why this suddenly began happening was because my closed ear buds were recently changed to open. The day they were changed to open I began turning the volume to its maximum to compensate. At the same time I used a program that had the most bass response (I have reverse slope hearing). Given the intermittent nature of this problem I seriously doubt the audiologist would have been able to troubleshoot the problem. More likely, he would have made a few random settings and possibly some hardware adjustments.

Since you wrote about the problem occurring once you’ve moved from close to open ear buds, that tells me the issue is most likely feedback. Did your audi adjust the programming software for open buds? You can call your audi and ask him or her to look at your settings as it should be on his or her computer.

No, he didn’t adjust anything upon changing the buds. I had mentioned that the frequency response had drastically changed within ten seconds of the buds being changed. However, I can swap the buds myself. So, I guess the idea was to try it. The clicking doesn’t seem or sound like a feedback issue to me. I’ve run a few tests, but at this point I am unable to discern if this sound, the clicking sound, is from the receiver (a mechanical problem) or from the electronics. Based on previous performance tests I suspect the transducer is making unwanted sounds due to the voice coil reaching its extent. I am very busy at the moment, but if I have time and can run more tests I’ll post my conclusions about this odd clicking I hear.