Oticon agil pro adjustments?

I got the Agil pro last week and had dome then. Now I have ear mould for both of them and it seem to have took the bass away when I listen to music. What do i need to tell them to fix that? I dont know much about tweaking sounds and stuff so any help would be appreciated.

Sorry, can’t help as I’ve only had mine for two days. Having very little HA experience, I will be interested in reading the responses. So far very impressed though.

Irish & Mr Crow would you be so kind as to tell me (and everyone else on
this forum) what you paid for the Oticon Agil Pros and also if you are working
with a private audi/audi office…many thanx in advancce…

You can have your audi set up a separate music program that adds the bass back in.

Hi Subajwd! I’m going to a private Audi. I have the Agil Pro with Streamer 1.4 and all the little toys that go with it…s Cardionics also makes a stethescope that works with the Streamer. I believe it was $9600 for everything but covered by workman’s comp. To many years of Sirens and back in the day when they were all mounted on the roof directly over our heads. I didn’t want to complain so waited probably to long to get help. The Audi was amazed that I could still function at work with my hearing loss. I hated my first HA, the ones just replaced with the Agil. My problem, not the Audi. My problem is that I don’t remember what it was like to hear normally or understand what an HA is capable of doing. As long as I could hear it must be working and never complained if it didn’t sound right because maybe that’s all an HA can do or maybe that’s what people with normal hearing hear. Even with the initial setup of the Agil’s and reading comments here, I realize that is not the case. I’m learning…

Thanx Irish for the info…sorry about the job-related hearing loss…at least Cali
ponied up to pay you back! I was around a lot of gun-fire from the time I could walk to about 24 with Uncle Sam…the Agils are a top-notch aid…one of the best IMHO…
hope you enjoy them!

I paid $5200 for mine.

Hi Nancy…thanx for the reply…that’s a very good price for the Agils…are yours
the Agil Pros or just the Agils? This price (your price) is the best I’ve seen
for the Agils …Pros or not)

If it music coming from the streamer - power bass ON + sound widening
if it is music coming from say TV or Radio - create a music program

Thanks I need it when I connect it to my tv cause all I got is just voice really. Also I connect streamer to my phone and use it as head set and listen to music. Will try to get an appointment Monday, thanks.

Mine cost $7,900 but that include the whole connect line with streamer. Also I got a bunch of cleaning stuff and it include 3 years worth of adjustment, batteries, and repairs. I got these at local HA place that offer monthly payments through Wells Fargo.

Thanx Mr Crow…about what I expect for the whole package and in-line with
what I would pay at my audi for the same 3 yr package with xtras…

A friend of mine got his Agil Pro’s for $6300 + $250 for the Streamer. This was in Salinas, CA

Mine are the Agil Pros Mini RITE. I got them through Epic Hearing which offers discounts on most name brand aids. It was available to me through my teacher’s union. If you’re in the US, it might be worth calling them to see if you’d qualify for their pricing. I got the streamer for $200. I do only get one year of adjustments, but get the manufacturers regular two year warranty with which includes loss, plus a year’s worth of batteries. Based on past experience, I don’t think I should be needing many adjustments after the first year.

I did see an audi who said she could “give them to me for $5800.” I felt that I could have negotiated a lower price with her.

Hope you can find them reasonably priced. (if you count over 5K reasonable) :wink:

My pair was 4990. My federal Blue will pay for 1/2. I am getting Batts for 2 years and 3 years for adjustments. At this point I have had 3 appointments in 3 weeks of use, and went from a standard program to 3 individual settings. At this point I am surprised at how much interesting and thusly uninteresting noise is out there. My wife is pleased and that darn ‘honey do’ list seems to get mentioned more… :smiley:
Retirement is not easy you know.

Thanx Peter…there is a special program for the “honey dos”…its
called mute…have your audi program it for you!! Ha Ha…

Anyone have any other suggestion on some setting. How about something for crowed area. I was with my family at a circus and could hardly hear them talk. Isn’t there like a crowd program and does it work well. I go get adjustments in about 2 hours. Thanks