Oticon agil and agil pro confusion and feedback/ringing

Just when I thought I was getting some satisfaction with my week trial of oticon agil.I asked for more depth/bass tones for music.I thought so much sounded mono even toned.But,not in a major way.I should have kept my mouth shut!As disastrous settings now!
Well,I was wanting to trial oticon agil pro.So audio and oticon rep asssisting;gave a bit more bass for music and general (just a tad for general programme).They put the changes into the oticon agil pro.
That was 2 hours ago and now getting feedback esp on right aid on general setting.Music sounds shrill and unlistenable.(generalising)–as when I twiddle with settings on various music settings on stereos ;I have found slightly better BUT still damm miserable .The music setting when switched on,on aid, sounds worse than general settings to listen to music.I would have thought the rep from oticon would have had more awareness.Awful sound for music.
Thou,the setting would be able to be changed;just a waste of my time.I am meant to be going away in 2 days and this is awful.I have rang and left message with audio;whom is always so busy but she MAY see me tomorrow–just a hassle to get attention of a busy audio.
And costs so much I did had wanted to get it right.
Anyone had similar experience with oticon agil/oticon agil pro?.
I have Plus dome.
When I now o to music programme on the aid the ringing feedback when I put my hands near my ears.On general settings some feedback only;but more so on the right.
Strangely there was no feedback on oticon agil in my week trial.Do I have to have mono sound music (like little depth to music esp in deep tones) to be able to have no ringing feedback?
I am confused and annoyed taking so long to sort esp as meant to be leaving to get medical care in diff area.So feeling stressed!!!
any ideas? Any help I would be grateful-

my hearing quik test result-
Hz 025…0500…1000…2000…4000…8000
R 25 25 45 60 68 75
L 26 30 55 60 60 70

Tracey, this is a known issue, called “entrainment.” Entrainment is harmonic distortion, a kind of feedback that results from certain musical tones. I heard entrainment recently on Aleras when listening to bells, flutes, violins, female singers, and so on.

The fix is to ask the audiologist to set up a music program for you with Digital Feedback Suppression DISABLED–not reduced–disabled. (Even with DFS on Minimal, I heard lots of entrainment! Disable it, just for music, and that noise should go away.) The software in digital hearing aids designed to suppress whistling feedback can actually cause entrainment feedback when listening to music.

And your audiologist should be able to restore the settings you previously had, if you liked those better. I realize the problem is taking the time to get back to the audiologist before your trip, but it can be better again.

I was never happy with the music program but my standard program is
wonderful so I just had them remove the music program. I just turn down
the treble to the neutral setting on a stereo and music sounds great. My
HA’s are adding to the high Hz so there is no need for me to add any with
the equalizer. You should ask them to test your HA’s in the booth so you
can see what your corrected hearing looks like, this could give some clue
as to what Hz might need a little tweaking if possible. I’m just a newbie
and Agil pro’s are my first HA’s. I have had a small amount of intermittent
ringing with certain types of music but with a open fit and the limitations
on processor speed I would suspect there are no HA’s that can handle
some types of music without problems.

One more thing I have learned is if the domes are too big the holes will close
up and they will not function properly.

I read this with great interest as I am a newbie and a new HA wearer. My Audi just ordered a pair of Agil/Pro Mini RITE as they are covered under my employer insurance program. I drive a truck and work in very noisy environment. I also Love my music and play a Blues Harmonica. (thus the hearing loss). I hope that we have made the right choice as another audi was telling me I would be better off with Starkey IS. My insurance does not allow trials but does offer 75 day return for $175 fee.
Any help on setting up or what to expect being new to this would be greatly appreciated.
Tracy’s post caused me some alarm. I hope you were able to get it fixed!

Thanks for your help.
I was lucky to be able to go back today-and also rep from oticon was there also.Quite a number of changes have been done and so far so good.
I have been told to take it slow to adjust to sounds I have not heard for many years ;as this technology is massive improvement from aids with technology from 6 years ago.
the music i have listened to so far sounds better and will listen to more variety tomorrow.Also music sounds ok on standard programme,so far.

It seems the standard programme can be on 3 levels of settings.I am just on 1.Tried level 2 in room with audio,but may have been too loud for now.Thou,since the few hours i have had them I think it better go to level 2 next week.As flatmate could hear tv ok on settings I required more volume.I will just see.The rep suggested maybe try level 2 next week.

Our brain has to get wired/familiar with change.Takes time and i was told it could be over whelming to have too much impact all at once.
(and my brain/emotions suffering at the tooth infection!)./have apt for extraction in morn.Sad!
I do not know about oticon agil or oticon agil pro–(as one being better for me)—as the settings were different on oticon agil and seemed too quiet.But,may have been as good as on different settings.
But,I feel in crowds and busy places these oticon agil miniRITE Pro–would be better.
So expensive to be deaf.I wonder why costs so much when so many technical items tend to becoming more affordable.And more people getting deaf.
They also changed the dome to a power dome.I had trialed a Plus dome.
I was told if more feedback issues (when whistling near ears)–a customised mould would prevent the whistling.They said as I had worn CIC aids for 6 years the shape in inner ear has changed.As the reg ‘one size fits all’ domes are more for ears that have not been abused by CIC aids!!(this is what i was told today).
I did talk to them re ‘entrainment’ and they had not heard that name for it.I also suggested disabling the setting on music programme whereby i printed out info from this forum.
I wonder what the ‘normal’ person hears,whom has hearing?-

do not get alarmed by my trials–all a learning issue for me.
My old aids,of technology of 6 years ago—really discouraged me to listen to music much as rarely sounded a pleasure.I really had to take my aids out to get any sort of enjoyment.And then,obviously i missed many sounds.
My main focus for sound now for hearing is to be able to hear distinctly voices//and enjoy music.Live music,playing instrument-and listening to music on cd player or related…I am not too bothered with using my hearing aids to listen to ipod/music with head phones.It is not a major need to focus on at the moment.
Please do let me know how you get on when you trial the aids you have ordered?.
The sound with these oticon is far more natural than what I experinced for 6 years!
So,all good for you.
The settings that audio is able to change-allows for massive sound changes.So essential to have good communications with audiologist.

thanks for that info.You have made some excellent suggestions on this forum.
Very interesting re ‘entrainment’ and disabling that setting.
I will trial more music,of variety, tomorrow.

Tracey, I recently learned about entrainment here because I had that issue with a pair of Alera’s I was trying. I posted here, and one of the audiologists responded here that what I was reporting was entrainment. You said your audiologist and Oticon rep were unfamiliar with that term. You can read more about it in some threads here, searched for the keyword “entrainment” which will be highlighted in the posts:
Some entire threads there are about entrainment. In other threads, it may only be mentioned once, and the thread was about something else entirely.

And budwon, I also tried a pair of Agil Pro’s and I thought they were excellent with music. I ended up going with the Aleras in spite of the issues I had there because we were able to get them adjusted out, and the Aleras were less expensive for me than the Agil Pros would have been. It is not unusual, when you first get a pair of hearing aids, to feel somewhat dissatisfied. You go back and get adjustments. And if you get adjustments, and like Tracey, you feel they make things worse, you go back again. It helps to keep notes on your impressions between appointments, and to try to be specific in guiding the audiologist. Not: music sounds lousy, but the high end is too shrill, or I’m getting feedback, or the bass seems muted, or whatever.

Thank you all. Tracey, thanks for the encouragement.
Hamjor, thanks for the suggestion on keeping notes. I will do. I can see how that would help to write down first impressions lest they get lost in all of the confusion.

I will keep you all posted on the progress.

I was very nervous when I purchased my Agil Pro Mini RITE. They are top of the line HA’s and have some great technology. On day one they started me on a special program that will help you gently get accustom to all the new sounds. The next week my doctor asked if me if they felt good and loaded the intermediate program + a small increase in volume and said come back in a week. On my third visit he loaded the standard program and looked at the sound data that had been stored on board and made some small adjustments. He put me back in the booth and tested my hearing and scored my speech recognition with back ground noise. I have nothing but good things to say about my Agil Pro’s they run fully automatic without any intervention or the need for any special programs. Although I tried some special programs the only feature I use is sometimes I will suspend one in a restaurant when there is someone with a fog horn voice sitting at a table next to me. I spend time every work day in a manufacturing plant that builds yellow construction equipment and have never had any feedback issues and have no problem wearing hearing protection head gear. My father just paid 8k for a pair of ITE’s and they simply go insane when he tries to wear them out in the plant and when he goes with us to a loud restaurant there useless.

My Agil Pro’s are very comfortable and take a lot of stress out of my daily life this was exactly what I was looking for when shopping for HA’s. They may not be perfect for every situation but I don’t believe any HA’s will score 100% in every category. My speech scores are close to normal and they work great in high noise areas so I would score these two category’s at 99% for my needs.

The only negative thing I have to say about my Agil/Pro’s is they have a tendency to go soft long before the battery alarm sounds, but this could have somthing to do with the brand of battery’s I’m using. (Costco / Zinc Air Extra) 5 or 6 days is about the limit but I think this is probably not bad for a–312 battery. I’m not using the remote which also probably has some impact on battery life. I wear them 16 to 18 hours a day.

Good luck

I went back to audiologist and with rep.
They felt a need to change the dome.I seem to get the impression they think the feedback squeal is from not fitting well enough in ear and also suggest a custom made dome.I feel a bit sad about that as back to a shell in the ear.Anyway,this week i am trialling a plastic power dome(i think that is what it is called)Larger and more forcefull than the plus dome I trialed.My ears were sore by end of first day.
I prefer the plus dome;but suspect it was my complaint of squealing feedback at times that encouraged them to have me trial the more invasive plastic I have now.
Settings were changed.Music is better than before.Strangely,thou, music is more enjoyable on the main reg setting than the setting for music.
I went to hear some live music last night and I could hear enjoyable with aids .And was loud heavy music which i used to have to take out my old widex as noise was too cluttery and vibratory sounding.
the phone setting on this aid would have to be improved as does not help at all.Great it is set to remove sound from one aid-but the aid working does not allow me to hear as well as without aid.
many confusing issues to get it appropriate for ones ears.

I’m pretty sure the phone setting can be set to transmit the phone to both ears you have to pick which side your going to use because it turns off the microphones on the other side,they can also adjust the power base setting I think by default it is set to medium (I hope this is a good explanation) I had the opposite problem with the domes they had to fit me with the small 6mm because the holes in the 8mm would close off and they where no longer a open fit.

WOW Thank You JohnG.
Your satisfaction with the Agil Pro’s is comforting.
Even though my insurrance is covering most of the cost, this is a very nervous time for a newbie. I will talk to my audi about the “special program” you received as that sounds incredibly helpful. The HA wearer’s I have spoken with have said the first few weeks will take a lot of getting used to. From there I’m not sure I will recognise what is good and what’s not but I guess I will learn as you all did. The main thing is I feel more comfortable now with the Audi’s suggestion and our choice of HA’s. I am very much looking forward to being fitted with my Agil’s. 12 days and counting. Thank you for this forum.

New HA user with Agil Pro Mini. I play piano and had awful feedback at certain frequencies (generally about two octaves above middle C) She disabled the feedback suppression feature and stored it as a separate program. Now, I can leave the HAs in my ear and hear my teacher critiquing my horrid play :frowning:

Thanks for posting this, Billm! I have been trialing Agil Pros for the past 3 weeks and although I’ve played my guitars, I haven’t gone near my piano. So I went and played something in the upper registers and sure enough, I got zapped with feedback like you did. Guess I’ll be asking my audi for the same fix you got. :slight_smile: