Oticon Acto - the details

Available in the miniRITE style and built on the RISE 2 platform, Oticon Acto is the new and very first mid-market Oticon hearing instrument to offer binaural synchronisation as just one of the best-in-class features in a full technology package

Acto Pro
-Rise 2
-RIte + mini rite
-Open fit
-Binarual coordination
-Binaural sincronization
-Decision maker 2
-In situ audiogram
-3 spakers
-NAL + DSL 5

  • 8 Channels
    -VC learning
    -nearcom enable

Oticon acto


  • binraural coordination
    -decision maker 2
    -6 channels
  • 3 identities
    -binaural dunamic feedback cancellation
  • connectline enable
  • Datalogging
  • near com enable
    -nal + dsl5
    -open fit

I must admit… Im very very disappointed that Acto IS NOT substantially superior to Vigo connect. Oticon should have included at least 8 channels + multi band directionality !!

Oticon NEW ITC power omni fits up to 90 dbhl losses

I understand that Oticon Acto Pro not only has multi band directionality, but it is binaurally coordinated. :slight_smile:

Acto is the cheaper version - yes very similar to Vigo - but

  • on the RISE 2 Chip - so faster processing and better battery life
  • with binaural feedback management - so less risk of feedback
  • in the new miniRITE style which is so much smaller and lighter
  • has on board VC/ Programme control as compared with Dual, and
  • offers the ability to interchange 3 receivers if client’s hearing deteriorates - previously only available in Oticon’s Agil
  • and at a very good price for those with moderate needs.

Acto looks to me like a very flexible easy to use cosmetic cost effective solution when compared to Vigo or Dual V. :smiley:

It’s a reasonable spec for a mid-range product. Let’s face it, there’s no need to give you all the keys to the Agil mansion without paying Agil money.

It is a disappointment the instrument should have come pack with more features than Vigo. For example when VIgo was released, it come with 2 channels more, datalogging, more bandwith, wind noise reduccion, etc. So it was a step up. This DOESNT seem like a step up. This seems like We run out of ideas, lets give them a mini rite with an audiometer… No one was expecting Agil features BUT, for example 8 channels, multiband directionality, Tristate Noise managment, VC learning… Im very disappointed

You’ll still sell them though…:wink:

I like to see pricing… How reasonable is Acto pro. It might be that Acto pro is
quite reasonable… I still think Oticon is making a big mistake…

I also started dispensing some Bernafon… But not a whole lot…

It’ll be around Vigo money, might have a bit of new product premium attached to it, but they aren’t going to upset their structure. You know the % differential between Vigo and Epoq, you also know the Agil price: interpolate it from that. It’ll be within 50 bucks.

Which Bernafon product? Veras?

Yeap but Im not to crazy about their products…

what do you think of the Bernafon unit sold by Costco?

Bernafon products are good products. Channel free, seems like a good technology.
So I would say they are reasonably priced and are pack with features. The verite and Veras seems to be OK. I havent fit a lot of them but they seem to be fine instruments…

UM bongo are you saying the ACTO PRO will cost around the cost of a vigo or a vigo pro

Look what I said above. Unless Oticon are going for a chunk of market share by going cheap with their new product, it’s likely to retain the same proportionality through it’s pricing.

I’m going to see my audi in a couple weeks for a hearing-aid consult. She sells Oticon’s, and I’ve decided I’m comfortable with a mid-range price tag.

I was looking forward to the Vigo Pros, as they come in fun colors… so far all I see for the Acto are the ‘boring’ hair/skin colors. What are the chances that other colors will be coming out?

Alternatively - will I still be able to get a pair of Vigo Pros from my audi? Which would you recommend I pursue? My hearing loss is very mild (30-25 in the low frequencies, 10-20 in the high frequencies), and the aids are more for Auditory Processing issues than anything else.

Acto pro will be sightly higher in price than Vigo Pro. But they are really great instruments…

The miniRITE form factor is one of the biggest plus compared to the Vigo Connec models…and the RISE II is a up-to-date chipset…no one else has such high data spechs in upper mid-class instruments yet…

I would agree in that Mini rite form factor might be a big plus. From the processing stand point it is a re branded Vigo. It is a big disappointment. On the other hand, acto Pro is a step up… Hope they decide to lower its price point…