Oticon Acto Pro vs Agil Pro & Price

My trusty Oticon DigiFocus II finally died on me and I need to get a replacement. Want to stick with Oticon as I had a great experience with them so far. Now, since for the first time I have to foot the whole bill (in Germany I at least got some co-pay from the insurance) I want to get the best deal for my money.

The Audiologist first tried to push Widex on me which I didn’t care for and after I told him I would prefer an Oticon, he is trying to sell me on their topline, the Agil Pro.

When looking at Oticon’s website, the Agil does offer more features but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the better device. I have moderate inner ear hearing loss which increases as frequency goes up.

What’s the better deal here? Acto or Agil?

I’m in my mid 30ies and have had hearing aids since I was 4.

Also he wants about 6500 for the whole deal (including molds for the half shells and the streamer) for the Agil Pro and offers 5% for cash payment.
Thx for any advice.

I tried them both and agil pros are great Very Smooth is how I describe them you can get them for about 5k Don’t bother with the streamer It really sucks

heh, I love my streamer, I can finally answer my iphone without getting anxious that I won’t hear a thing. Before that it was mainly used for SMS and very rarely used the phone on it. While the music quality is not same as with earbuds I still really enjoy listening to music on it when I go for my lunchtime walk in weekdays. I shut down volume in HA, and only have music coming in. I also use it on my laptop, this way I don’t need to keep removing my hearing aids when I go on it and need sound. Worth every cent I paid for it IMO

I had same dilemma as you NearHear, was a hard decision to make between the Acto Pro and Agil pro… I can’t say if Agil are better than Acto because I didn’t try Acto, but happy so far after 6 weeks with Agil pro(first time using HA). They have changed my life… That said Acto Pro may have done as much for me

Hi. I’m an audiologist up in Canada. I don’t work for Oticon and there’s no chance you’re going to walk into my clinic, so I hope you consider this as neutral advice.

The Acto Pro is a great hearing aid and I’ve had a really positive response from the people I’ve fit with them. That being said, the Agil Pro is an amazing hearing aid, if you can swing it financially.

The main features that distinguish the Agil Pro from the Acto Pro are:

  • Speech Guard - More traditional hearing aids limit the soft-to-loud range of speech causing the wearer to miss some of the cues. With Agil Pro the speech and spatial cues are preserved so the amplified speech signal more closely resembles the original speech signal.
  • Binaural Processing - This is super cool. The two hearing aids are constantly exchanging information about your listening environment so they can work as a team to present the best possible signal to your ear.
  • Higher Bandwidth - The Agil Pro amplifies a wider range of sounds/frequencies. Generally people report the sound quality is more natural. Think of it like listening to a song played on a a small keyboard vs on played on a full size keyboard.
There are some other differences (ex. Agil has a music program) that a nice features but don't greatly enhance speech clarity in noise. Hope that helps your decision.

One thing I often do with experienced users is let them take a demo set of each of the hearing aids for a week or so. That way you can test drive them, hear the difference for yourself, and make a decision from there. Ask your aud if that’s something they would consider.

Hope I didn’t babble too much.


heh, I love my streamer, I can finally answer my iphone without getting anxious that I won’t hear a thing. Before that it was mainly used for SMS and very rarely used the phone on it. While the music quality is not same as with earbuds I still really enjoy listening to music on it when I go for my lunchtime walk in weekdays. I shut down volume in HA, and only have music coming in. I also use it on my laptop, this way I don’t need to keep removing my hearing aids when I go on it and need sound. Worth every cent I paid for it IMO

Totally agree, best money I ever spent. Love my Oticon Agile Pro’s and love the streamer. I had to pay 6400 total, and insurance reimbursed me 1K.

I currently wear Oticon Epoq and am looking at the Agil Pro vs Phonak Naida S and Resound Future (Costco). I’ve been told the Resound is as good as the Agil Pro and Phonak. My Epoq’s are beginning to have dependability problems after 3 years and my audi says I can wear the open ear bud with the Agil Pros. Any thoughts on this?

Left Hz Right
35 250 25
50 500 40
80 750 50
100 1000 65
110 1500 90
n/a 2000 105
n/a 3000 110

I’m trying the Starkey Wi and Phonak S Smart IX and not 100% happy with either of them. I’ve been reading a lot about the Oticon Agil Pro and considering that one for a trial. Can anyone give me an opinion about how the Agil Pro will compare in quality?

I tried the resounds at Costco and chose to spend twice as much on the Agile Pros. That is how strongly I felt about the differences.

Well, I can tell you my experience. I chose the Agil Pros over the Phonak Smart S. I also went to Costco and tried a few different kinds and also went and spent twice as much for something that I felt worked better for me. I never did try the Acto Pro so I can’t compare anything to those. I LOVE my Agil Pros. They are the most natural sounding hearing aids I tried. Now I don’t even feel like I’m hearing through aids. I REALLY wanted to love the new Phonaks. They’re slightly smaller and when they worked well, they really worked well. I could zero in on a conversation in a noisy restaurant at two tables away. But the rest of the time, I had bizarre behavior and weird artifacts, and I decided ultimately that the Oticons were less fussy. The Oticons do most things really well and were the right choice for me. I also am lucky in that I have a great audi who let me trial both for quite some time and gave me an awesome price (and wonderful service) for the Agil Pros, streamer (which I love), and the TV transmitter. Price seems to vary from locale to locale, but I paid several hundred less than the original poster mentioned. So you might want to shop around for a different audi to compare service/price.

Hey Joesan, I said on another thread that I am turning my WIs in because it had the same problem as yours. This thread is quite convincing about the Agil Pro, so I hope to trial the Agil when my Audie comes back.

I also love my Streamer, not so much for the phone but for music. I use it with my iPod via Bluetooth and it works great. I guess everyone is different.

?I am now trying the Acto Pro Power BTE now and feels like the sounds are about the same as Agil Pro that I tried before. I have a severe hearing loss so I use the Power one. The reason that I choose to try Acto Pro Power BTE first is because my audiologist told me to try the BTE first and see how do I like it, and for BTE, we can use my current earmold and don’t have to make a new earmold for RITE type, my audi said that I have to pay extra money for RITE earmold because they have to specially made it for power mold (is it true?). Personally I want to buy the RITE type if I have decided which one to buy (ACTO Pro or Agil Pro). Also, can you please tell me how much the price that you got for ACTO PRO? I want to make a deal hopefully next week and I really need help on the price so I know the real price of it and I don’t want get ripped off by my audi…it happened a lot nowadays in this economic situation and I am not financially good now but I need hearing aids to be able to hear, so that’s why I am thinking of choosing ACTO PRO over AGIL PRO because it cost less and sounds the same for me. I don’t know if the extra features on AGIL PRO like binaural processing and more bandwidth/frequencies will help or make difference me as I have severe hearing loss.

please help…truly appreciate it.

anyone have any experience comparing the Agil Pro to Duals?

I have a pair of Duals I’ve had for 2 years. The right one stopped working over the weekend so went to the audiologist to have her send it in for repair. She gave me a loaner of the Agil Pros. I wore them all day today. I work in an environment where I’m talking with people through the day, then came home, went for a walk with my wife and then watched a TV show. A varied set of acoustic environments.

basically, I’m not noticing much difference in performance from my Duals, and I don’t like the way they feel behind my ear as much as I like the Duals, but it could just be what I’m used to.

Was wondering if I’d hear some major difference that would make me want to spring for these, which is something I’d really rather not do. Having paid $6000 just 2 years ago for the Duals is more than enough for a few more years. At this point, I’m not hearing a difference.

I"ll see if I notice any difference once I go back to my Duals after having these for about 10 days.

and unless they’ve improved the Streamer, my review on that is thumbs down. The battery life is horrible and degraded to the point where it would only hold a charge for maybe 30 minutes of active use. That’s not even enough for a conference call. When I asked my audi about it, she asked the oticon rep who said normally battery life is 18-24 months.

even when it worked ‘well’, it would still intermittently drop calls or lose sound. Basically just a pain in the ass, wish I hadn’t paid for it and haven’t used it in 6 months. Poor design, poor implementation.

Love the Duals, though. Also demoed the Phonak Yes IXs and liked the Duals more.

  1. Dual vs Agil: I upgraded from Dual XWs to Agil Pro RITEs lasy year. I appreciate the on board volume control on the Agil, and ability to mute. I find the sound of Agil more natural - especially the sound of my own voice. I beleive it is also easier to hear in noisy situations. Be interested to hear more about your experiences.
  2. Streamer Battery: On days when I use my Streamer constantly - streaming my phone calls - the Streamer Battery lasts about 5 hours. If you are only getting 30 minutes - something is not right. Suggest you get it sent to Oticon for checkign / Service. I understand that the Streamer battery - like most rechargeable batteries - needs to be changed after approxiamately two years.
  3. Intermittent Signal: - I found using the Short rather than the Long Streamer Neckstrap gave a very reliable signal. I got one of each NeckStap with the Streamer.

I also get about 5-6hours as well listening to music/using phone. I recharge it every night and is no problem. I had troubles when I first had it with 1.2 firmware, streamer often not pickinp up the phone etc When I got it upgraded to 1.4 it solved all those issues. Strongly suggest to upgrade firmware of the streamer and keep latest firmware on your phone as well… With 1.2 the whole thing was really not reliable

Have any of you tried the widex clear 440s compared to the agile pros? I have tried both of them but not at the same time. I like the widex streemer better and I didn’t like the strap on the oticon streemer. Music mode is different on widex they say they increase bass while oticon says they only increase the highs and allow your ears to hear the rest normally. I like using the widex in music mode for normal use except in loud areas then I either turn down the volume or switch to the master memory. I remember the agile pros sound more spacious. Also I realized i like a more powerful speaker and have the hearing aid produce more lower frequencies I think it sounds better and if you turn of the volume for quiet settings it sounds much better. I could be wrong but I feel like I hear a delay in sounds on the master memory mode. Also I realized I need a much smaller vent then I have used before. I want to replace my oticon delta’s. Mostly I just want to make sure I have good aids and a good spare.

Last year I tried the Duals for a couple of months and then they released the Agil Pro and it was a no brainer for me. I would have been disapointed if I had bought the Duals. Ive had the Agil Pros for a year now and Im still very happy with them.

I have had mine for 1 year now and I love them, however, on one, the chimes when turning them on became very faint and they sent it back. No idea what the problem was.
On the initial cost, our local hospital sells them at a 15% discount(so they say) and I paid $5K for them.
They guarantee them for 2 years. They also will replace both ONCE if lost during that time.

Hi HearCS,

Can you please help me with the price quote that you have or you know for Starkey Wi series (i50, i70, i110)? I really need your help on these in order not to get scammed by my audi. By the way I live in San Francisco, California. Thank you.

Late to this party but wanted to chime in (no pun intended…) The Agil Pros have excellent sound quality. They are far, far more natural sounding than Ambras and Clears. They are about the same as the Wis for sound quality but are far superior to the Wis for hearing in noise. The Wis have better wind reduction but the Wi broke down on me after 20 days of trialing.