Oticon Acto Pro program question

Does anyone know where I can find all of the available programs for these aids? Currently trying them and go back this week for my first adjustment and would like to know what is available.


You mean what sort of programming can you put into the hearing aids? It is quite simple, ask for what you need, and your dispenser can provide them to you.

Installing non-specific programs usually adds confusion for patients of mine, and so I don’t unless they express a need for it. That is Oticon’s general philosophy too.

Taylor, I think the Acto’s have 4 programming slots if they are like
my Agil’s and I believe they are…some uses for these program
locations might be: a mute function, enabling the back microphone,toil
mode, a music mode and others…I have my agile set up to automatically
go to toil in my right ear is I bring my cell phone close; the other program
I use is full toil mode for theaters or talking on the phone in noisy surroundings…
works very effectively; as of now my back microphone is OFF… I might experiment
with a program with it on just for grins…