Oticon Acto Pro and Induction Loops?

I just got a pair of the Oticon Acto Pro HAs. Does it take a program to activate the telecoil operation? I’m most interested in taking advantage of the growing number of Induction Loop systems in public places but would also like to see how the t-coil works with my phones as well.

I know the Acto has an optional AutoPhone which, as I understand, automatically sets the program for using the t-coil. I don’t have that option. Would a phone program do the same thing only manually? Would the same phone program take advantage of the public loop systems as well?

These are the first HAs I’ve ever worn and I’d like to take advantage of any features I can.


Do you have the RITE or MiniRITE? The Mini does not have a telecoil to my knowledge.

All Oticon BTE (not all RITE) hearing aids have a telecoil. There is an automatic setting that can be enabled by your dispenser, there is also a manual program setting. If you are going to use a neckloop, then i would advise you add a manual telecoil program. Once you have the manual program, you can then custom tune your telecoil program as required.

They’re BTE. And not RIC.

Did you get the Streamer with the HA? I have it with mine and it works very well for talking on the phone and watching tv. For tv use I use an audio cable that plugs into to audio out of the tv and the other end plugs into my Streamer. The reason I went this route is that the connectline tv adapter had a delay that drove me crazy and the cable doesn’t. My telecoil is set for manual but works well in buildings that have a loop.

I did not get the Streamer…yet. I may do so for the reason you mentioned. I’d also like to have the hands-free cell phone capability.

You’re t-coil is set for manual? Is it a different program…like a phone program that does this? I think that’s what I’ll have programmed to take advantage of the public buildings. Does the sound come to both ears and what is the quality like? I’m not familiar with how the t-coil with a loop “should” work.

I would not need the Streamer to make this work, would I? Is the manual activation program one of the telephone programs or is is something different? I’m going to have this set up but want to make sure I know what I’m asking for.


Hi Chuck,

If you are going to use some type of loop induction system ie. neckloop FM system then you don’t need the streamer. All you need is one manual telecoil program for that purpose.

It is set up in your manual programs. I would ask your dispenser to set it up for a loop system instead of telephone.

I hope that helps,

The Autophone program needs a magnet glued to the phone for it to work automatically.
I had my share of bad experiences with it. So I no longer use Auto-T coil or Auto Phone.

Acto pro is a wireless instrument, for a loop system in the church your audi sets a 2nd program T+M and. Since the instrument is wireless you can switch 1 aid to program 2 and
both of them will change in M+T. If you own a streamer you can do this using a streamer.

Alternatevely, Oticon has a loopset solution (FM) call the amigo ARC. The arc has a remote control and it can change both aids to P2. If you need an occasional boost on S/N you might
use a Streamer and a connect line mic. Which could do a similar trick (FM trick). Just remember - Connectline Mic (has a bandwidth limitation+battery and distance) other than
that it works fine

Hi folks. I know this is an old thread - but I am learning about my hearing aids, and just started thinking about using t-coils and induction loops…

I have an Alta Pro minirite pair. I also have the streamer pro.

I am trying to hear the telephone better… primarily my cell phone, but also my home phone.

I can see that when I turn on the Streamer Pro, and hit the tcoil button, I hear different things - primarily a bit of static and background noise, like tuning a radio. Putting the phone to my ear, it doesn’t sound any loader than before… so I don’t think the tcoil feature is working.

My cell phone is a Nokia Lumia 1020, and I looked up the features - it shows that it is certified as M3/T4 (http://nokiaaccessibility.com/hac.html) and SHOULD work with a telecoil. I just don’t know how to make it work.

What’s the proper process for using this feature? do I need to use the Streamer Pro? It’s bulky, and I generally don’t carry it around with me. Should I be using an autophone magnet? I think my hearing aids came with one, but I lost it :frowning: Will any small magnet do?

Any tips would be appreciated :slight_smile: