Other Ear Wax questions

I have read some of the questions on forum, but I have some other questions here.

My Audi said I should clean my ears once a week with distilled alcohol and vinegar. I have done this for 6 months and when I went in for an appt he said I still have wax, soft not hard and I should have my Doctor clean them out. My question is: Can I clean them out more than once a week, would it harm my ears?

I’m really tired of going to the doctor for this so often and I don’t want to do it myself as some of you have done.

He said put a cotton ball with the solution in your ear before going to bed. That didn’t work it just came out

I’m wondering if I took my HA’s out at home,when I’m just hanging out, that may help with the wax build up.
I wear them 12 hrs a day.

I have had a couple ear wax cleaning kits through the years, both come with a water bulb syringe to rinse. One had carbamide peroxide which has an expiration date that I never seemed to use before expiration. The other contained regular olive oil that I found as effective.

I do not produce much ear wax, but I do use olive oil from a dropper once a week. About 10 drops to fill my ear, then lay down on the bed with that ear up and read for 15 - 30 minutes. Get up and drain the ear and rinse with warm water and bulb syringe, then place cotton ball in ear and do the other ear same as first. Then rinse second ear with bulb syringe, I get in the shower as usual, trying to direct some water into my ears to rinse.

Is a simple procedure that has been botched more times then naught by others who are not specialized or trained properly. I’ve been to a couple family practice medical clinics to have ear wax removed and walked out with a bloody ear or a very irritated ear drum. I’ve found that family medical clinics don’t train their staff to properly to remove ear wax nor give staff proper tools to use. Now I’ve had some Audi’s/HA dealers offer to remove ear was with mixed results. Some know what they are doing and others have no clue. When sitting to have wax removed, the “remover” many times has been sitting or kneeling on the floor to get to my ear level. This is not good or proper way to remove wax. Run don’t walk away from this train wreck. Someone needs to be an elevated chair that goes up and down with correct equipment being used and not some cheap plastic scope. And if you find someone 18 to 22 years old that acts like they don’t know what the hell they are doing - you best call for the doc.

Wow! youbgone, you really said some valid statements here. That really makes me leery or maybe more educated. Thank you for the information.

Really? My audi cleans the ears if necessary. Aren’t all AuDs trained to do this? Of course, I routinely see my PCP every six months and he has a nurse take care of it.

My ears generate a lot of wax and I find that using a clean dome every day helps to keep the ear clean. Whatever wax is lodged in the dome is not pushed back in the next day. Every week I clean the dirty domes in hot water.

Audi’s are not doctors or nurses and not insured if something bad happens. On the other hand its not rocket science to remove ear wax from ear canals. What’s really a pain in the behind (for me) is when I swim a lot and then insert my HA afterwards. Now I always wait a couple hours before putting aids back in but built up ear wax still gets pushed further into my ear canal because its soft. So I spent something like $165 at ENT for special ear plugs for swimming. The idea was to keep my ears dry while I did laps. Well after swimming 40, 50, 60 laps my ear canals still gets damp inside. And on top of that the swimming plugs actually push ear wax further down ear canal then HA’s did. Throw in a shower after swimming and I’ve got wet ear wax for the rest of the day. Oh well life goes on and six month visits to ear dock to remove wax.

My audi used to clean aids, but because of the insurance companies they asked that the doctor does it. It’s a stupid insurance policy.

Looks like whether wax removal is in scope of practice varies by location. Here is some discussion on reddit.

It seems that PCPs are too busy to clean out ear wax, so the untrained/undertrained are delegated this demeaning task. Once you have a ruptured ear drum from one of these encounters you will realize that seeing an ENT is money well spent.

With a ruptured eardrum, not only are you nearly deaf in that ear, your equilibrium becomes unreliable. In older frail patients, that means an increased chance of falling. As an added bonus, if your eardrum does grow back, it will be slightly thicker which further impairs your hearing.

My ENT advises to never let anyone use fluid to clean your ear canal. From what I have seen, I support his advice.

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Helpful information. You said not to let anyone use fluid to clean your ear canal, what would anyone use then? Just a prob?

My AuD and ENT docs use curette and otoscope. The PCP nurse does a lavage.

Here is a article that discusses procedures and risks.

The ENT that I have observed used a curette and placed the tip of an ottoscope into the ear so he could rest the instrument against the plastic giving him finer control and less irritation to the patient. This particular patient had very narrow ear canal and problems with hard wax. Once cleaned he advised filling each ear with mineral oil, let it remain in ear for about 15 seconds, then allow to drain. This was to be done every other day. He suggested after bathing and before bed. Use a wash cloth or towel to absorb excess oil as it drains.

My ears produce soft wax so when I have trouble keeping my domes clean I do irrigate my ears with tepid water uning a syringe designed for that purpose. It sprays out of three holes towards the side of the canal and does not actually go into your ear. Since I do it to myself I can feel the pressure and control how slowly it sprays.

The problem with wet ears is the potential for bacterial infections, therefore it is not advisable to become obsessed cleaning your ears. Wax in your ears is like wax on your car. It is nature’s protection.:smiley:

One of my questions when starting this topic that didn’t get answered is: How often should you clean your ear wax if it’s soft? Is twice a day too much, once a week, does it harm your ears to do it as often as you feel you should.
My audi said once a week, but after 6 months I still had soft wax.

I use a large syringe filled with warm water and wash each ear about 3 times every two weeks. It has a special 3 holes tip that directs water sideways. I have a ear scope and use a small mirror that faces the bathroom mirror. I rotate the small mirror next to the ear scope lenses so l can see if l have any ear wax.

Where do I get a large syringe with 3 holes tip and an ear scope? through Amazon? I would love to do that.

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It’s a Dr. Mom ear scope l purchased thru Amazon. The ear syringe was brought at a Walgreens or CVS drugstore.

They have the syringes at Amazon. There are electronic otoscopes that you can use with a phone. I really think that with soft wax cleaning your ears once or twice a week is more than enough. Like I sais, wax is there for a reason.

Sound like quite a trick. I’m impressed.

New to this forum. I use hydrogen peroxide to clean my ears and have been doing it this way for over 25 years after a doctor suggested it - I went in because my hearing was blocked by a horrible hard mass of wax. The first few times I did it, the bubbling in the ear tickled so much I couldn’t do it for long but now I am used to it and find it super relaxing! I clean my ears every weekend by using an eye dropper filled with hydrogen peroxide and slowly put in a few drops at a time - wait a bit then add a few more drops etc…until the bubbling stops. Flip sides to drain and do the other side.

Getting to the original question - how often is it safe to do? This is what he told me - you can do it as often as you want. Water is H20. Hydrogen Peroxide is H2O2. So there is an extra oxygen molecule and when the you put it in the ears it is bubbling because it is making mini “explosions” in your ear as wax is being dislodged from your ear canal. His way of explaining it is that it is safe because it is nearly like putting water in your ears.

It’s seriously so relaxing now and I look forward to the quiet time and the feeling of cleaning them this way.

Hi, I have using hydrogen peroxide for years. My audiologist said use 1/2 cup of vinegar to 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol. I asked do you recommend this over hydrogen peroxide? He said yes because it’s the alcohol that melts the wax. I’m just starting to try this.

He said once a week or twice. Personally the hydrogen peroxide has done nothing for my ears, so we’ll see about the alcohol and vinegar solution.

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