OTE Question

I have job related hearing loss and met today with the Audiologist my case worker suggested I see.

After the autiogram and exam, she agreed that I do indeed need a hearing aid and proceeded to show me her stock of hearing aids. CICs, ITCs, ITEs etc.

She was pushing the ITCs and ITEs pretty heavy so I asked her about the OTE model she had to the side but hadn’t showed me. She said that with the freq. of hearing loss I have that the OTE sometimes causes “feed-back”. I told her I probably wouldn’t wear the ITCs or ITEs for vanity reasons, and asked about the CIC. She said because of the canal in my left ear was too narrowl to fit a CIC and possibly the ITC (I had a bad ear infection as a young man and it caused damage to the canal).

The brand she was pushing was a “WIDEX”, beacuse this was a brand I hadn’t read about I told her I would prefer to go with the “PHONIC SAVIA W/REMOTE” she had as one of her samples. She agreed and siad she would have to check with my claims agent befor ordering them (1-2 weeks).

My question is; do the OTE aids have a feed-back problem?

Following is my audiogram

Freq. L R
.25 45 30
.50 30 25
1.0 20 25
1.5 30 30
2.0 30 35
3.0 50 60
4.0 60 75
6.0 55 65
8.0 65 70

Thanks for any info you can give me.

The Phonak Micro Savia’s would work just fine and the feedback cancellation works excellent.

Just on the right ear, it may not be able to fully correct at just 4,000 hz, but that should be just fine.

It is just that the instruments can be quite costly, so whether they will full cover the full purchase plus remote may be a challenge.

Otherwise, the Micro Power (Phonak) would also work well if you ear canals are large enough.

Let us know how you do once you get them.