OTC Hearing Aids: Maintaining Consumer Protections

The FDA was supposed to issue proposed regulations for OTC hearing aids by today. That hasn’t happened. Here is an article from the Hearing Industries Association (HIA) Director of Public Policy and Advocacy) on protecting consumers in the OTC era.


I think the concept is interesting. There are some who can’t pay the high cost of hearing aids. This could offer people in this category the chance to treat their hearing loss. There will be positive and negative to this as with all things. The problem the unregulated part has become confusing and hard to navigate. There is always trade offs with the use of over the counter hearing aids but it offers the chance for more choices. I will be interested in seeing how this works when it is fully rolled out. I hope it will aid in weeding the bad players and encouraging new players to enter the area and increase innovation and reduce cost while making it safer.

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Shouldn’t they announce a new date if they couldn’t meet the deadline?

Maybe I have a hard time seeing the best in people sometimes, but I think the thing they’re most interested in maintaining is market share.