Oscillating Oticon

I have Oticon Duals using Plus Domes. The right hearing aid oscillates enough that it has become unusable. I only use my left ear HA. I have had the gain adjusted several times by the audiologist to no avail. I think it is a “fit” issue. The hearing aid won’t stay in the ear. Is there a larger Dome available. I think if there was something larger than “Plus” domes that it may solve the problem. Thanks.

Have you considered going to a custom made solution?

After almost 2 years I finally solved my problem. A simple solution actually. I acquired some 12 MM Power Domes. The HA now fits snugly in my ear with no feedback problems. My provider was no help. I got these Power Domes online from Tennessee Valley Audiology. The problem was mechanical and not gain related. As a layman I didn’t have a clue, but finally got it resolved.

Most readers of this forum won’t recognize the term ‘oscillation’. This is a more technical way to describe the whistling feedback that occurs with hearing aids.

The amount of gain that the hearing aid applies will increase the likelihood of feedback. Meaning that higher gain hearing aids feedback more often. In this example the gain was the problem. Using an earbud with a tighter seal to the earcanal reduced the amount of sound leaking from the ear, this decreased the chances of feedback.

When we refer to mechanical feedback it’s an issue with the hearing aid hardware, incorrect wiring or a misplacement of the microphone and/or receiver, for example.