Original Resound TV Streamer compatibility

What hearing aids work with the original Resound Unite TV Streamer? Not the TV Streamer 2.

Models identified so far:

Alera 5,7,9
Verso 5,7,9
Costco Future

I’m trying to sell this device and it has already been returned once because the buyer thought it would work with his Linx aids.

The Costco KS 5, KS 6, ReSound Cala and ReSound Forte are not compatible. I think your list is complete.

For future reference, here are all the models I have identified:

Alera 5
Alera 7
Alera 9
Verso 5
Verso 7
Verso 9
Future (Sold by Costco)

Nucleas 6 devices

True 17
True 9
True 6

Centro 2
Centro 4
Centro 6

Thanks to Abarsanti for the clue