Organizing information on the forum

I have great news! The forum platform was recently upgraded to show tags in tag groups. See what I mean by visiting this page:

Now, I’d like to invite input from the community on how best to organize our tagging system. For now, I have cochlear implant brands and hearing aid brands. I’m wondering what other categories might be of interest. Here are some initial thoughts:

  • Hearing loss (conductive, sensorineural, mild hearing loss, moderate hearing loss, etc)
  • Accessories (tagged by product name)
  • Conditions (cholesteatoma, etc)
  • Apps (tagged by app name and Android / iOS)
  • Hearing aid types (RIC, BTE, IIC, etc)
  • Hearing aid models (for popular aids like Opn)
  • Retailers (Costco, etc)

Thanks for any feedback.

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With the old forum, I used to browse each category but now I just click on the “Latest” tab and read whatever pops up. That way I get engaged in a variety of topics without to much navigation. So for me, the tags aren’t too important. I’m sure others may appreciate them more.

Thanks for your continue support of this site. Much appreciated!


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All of those tags would be useful for different people at different times. Anything which makes information easier to find will help reduce repeat requests for similar information and people will find answers easier to access. Thanks.

Ditto what @JordanK said.

All of the above for everyone who needs special HA, etc.